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4 Effective Beverage Label Tips

4 Effective Beverage Label Tips

Selling beverages requires a balancing act where graphic design is concerned: Your company's custom beverage labels should be clear, so that buyers know exactly what they're getting. At the same time, the packaging must be bold and interesting enough to make shoppers pick your offerings instead of competitors' versions of the same flavors.

4 Top Beverage Label Tips

Whether you're redesigning the labels for your line of beverages or putting a whole new product on the market, the right design instincts can turn this change into a positive turning point for your company. The following are four tactics you can consider to help your drinks reach their potential.

1. Use Clean Labeling and Health Information

The past few years of retail have been defined by a focus on simplicity in terms of ingredients. Retail Dive pointed out that the focus on wholesome beverages and foods isn't just persisting, it's intensifying. Increasing numbers of people are trying diets that exclude certain types of food and drink. This spells opportunity: If your beverages comply with the restrictions associated with specific nutrition plans, that can be a great selling point for your drinks, and something to put on your custom labels.

2. Prioritize Clarity in Text and Design

Directness and boldness are perennial winners in packaging, according to Designhill. Shoppers are busy and they're moving through stores in a hurry. This means you stand the best chance of making a sale when you create a package that is easy to notice and appreciate. Furthermore, if people don't have to look closely to learn essential information about your beverages, that removes a potential point of hesitation between picking the drinks up and putting them in a cart.

3. Consider Transparent Materials

Are your beverages interesting colors? If so, you can use clear label materials to show off the liquids. As 99 Designs indicated, clear bottles allow companies to embrace minimalism in their look while using the product as its own advertising. There are a few exciting ways to make your labels less obtrusive. In addition to making full-size labels out of transparent materials, you can also take advantage of die cutting to make smaller labels in unique shapes.

4. Work with an Expert Labeling Partner to Finalize Your Packaging

The actual printing of your labels may determine how professional they look on store shelves - and how quickly you can get them there. For fast turnaround times and sharp imagery, Lightning Labels is your ideal partner. Using all-digital printing methods, Lightning Labels can turn your most ambitious graphic design ideas into custom bottle labels that elevate your brand image.

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