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5 Tips for Using Eco-Friendly Labels and Stickers to Promote Your Brand

5 Tips for Using Eco-friendly Labels and Stickers to Promote Your Brand

Customers today are looking at more than price when they decide which brands to buy from. People who hold strong values and priorities such as protecting the environment are letting these priorities influence their shopping habits. If your brand makes products that suit an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can emphasize this aspect of your business to win over customers and boost your brand's appeal.

There's a catch, however: If your products are eco-friendly but the custom labels and packaging adorning them aren't, it can be hard to convince customers that your brand is serious about its green commitment. The following are five tips that will help you use labeling as part of an overall earth-friendly promotional push:

1. Make sure to emphasize your earth-friendly credentials

When you take the time to employ customized eco-friendly labels for your product packaging, be sure to mention that fact on the labels themselves. People won't automatically know that your products or the labels on them have been made to minimize their environmental impact, so be sure to use text to say so. Just be sure to only make factual claims - exaggerating could get your brand in trouble.

2. Select an ideal material

Picking an eco-friendly label material gives you more options than you may expect. You can opt for a 100% recycled material, or select an alternative such as BioStone. The latter material is made from stone rather than any tree derivatives, meaning it has a reduced impact on the world's forests.

3. Create the perfect look for your brand

Once you've selected your material and messaging, it's time to ensure your earth-friendly label design is up to scratch. Giving your packaging a raw, rugged appearance may help emphasize that your company is seeking to minimize its impact on nature. Some recycled label materials have particularly tactile and natural-feeling textures, which make them perfect for this type of design.

4. Add stickers to your promotional efforts

In addition to the labels and other packaging, you can use custom stickers to promote your brand. You can hand these out to customers with a purchase or adorn your own retail shop with them if you operate a brick-and-mortar business. Like labels, these can be made from earth-friendly materials.

5. Choose the right labeling partner

When you decide to emphasize the eco-friendly side of your brand, you should work with a third-party organization that can provide the materials you need, along with helpful support. Lightning Labels can be that partner, boasting long experience working with companies across industries and offering green materials such as Recycled Kraft, Recycled Vellum and BioStone.

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