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All Natural? Consumers Scrutinize Pre-Packaged Food Product Labels

All Natural? Consumers Scrutinize Pre-Packaged Food Product Labels

Food Product Labels on Processed Goods Misrepresent Items

A new marketing trend for pre-packaged food product labels promotes the items as all natural, when they may be no different than other processed goods. According to Massachusetts-based news station WWLP, the advertising strategy is the latest way for food manufacturers to depict their food as organic to entice sales.

However, the news station reported that many of the items under consumer scrutiny contain the same levels of sodium and sugar as their non-organic counterparts.

According to Self Magazine, pre-packaged foods often contain hidden calories, ingredients and chemicals. But marketers may be in their right to stick an all-natural label on the items because of slack regulations on labeling by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Lax FDA Regulations Allow Inaccurate Labels for Food Products WWLP reported the term "all natural" on the labels for food products does not fit within the terms of current FDA labeling requirements. Since natural is a loose term that can be interpreted numerous ways, marketers can use it freely on packaged goods.

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