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April is Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month

StressAwarenessUse Bumper Stickers for Stress Awareness

Stress impacts all of us, and can lead to more severe mental and physical health issues when not recognized and treated. Awareness has long been held as the most powerful weapon to combat mental health problems, and April is dedicated to generate attention around stress and its full spectrum of consequences.

If you would like to contribute to Stress Awareness Month, you can use custom bumper stickers to do so. There are few better ways to spread the word about a movement than crafting and distributing a winning bumper sticker, as the imagery will travel down roads and highways, attracting the eyes and minds of others.

A Righteous Cause

Stress is carefully monitored by certain groups in efforts to maintain public wellness. In times of change and upheaval, such as the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, stress levels tend to increase across the country. The American Psychological Association reported that 72 percent of Americans felt stressed specifically about money.

This is only one catalyst for anxiety and stress, and raising awareness of these harsher portions of the human psyche can help to open individuals' minds up to the treatments available. Many people will simply think it is normal, and go about their days with these heavy feelings weighing on their minds and bodies.

If you are planning on launching a campaign to support Stress Awareness Month this April, consider leveraging bumper stickers and other simpler, more affordable materials. With branded items that bring the facts about stress to light while aligning the event with the company's commitment to serving its clientele, you can also drive your brand reputation in the right direction.

Cause stickers might seem superfluous but, in raising awareness, they can actually have a tremendous impact on many people.

Custom Stickers and Bumpers

Now, simply deciding to take this approach and not paying attention to the details could lead car owners to not display the stickers, or make it so they don't catch the eyes of others on the road. Make sure your marketing and product packaging teams know that they should be focused on crafting the most aesthetically pleasing bumper stickers possible while incorporating information related to Stress Awareness Month.

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