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Cashing in on National Lawn and Garden Month

Cashing in on National Lawn and Garden Month

LawnAndGardenLeverage Durable Labels in April

If you manufacture, distribute or sell products used to maintain lawns and gardens, you will have a good opportunity to align your brand name with a major event this month. National Lawn and Garden Month is in April, and acts as a time to bring together homeowners who love their properties and persistently invest in the health of these landscapes.

Obviously, you will not want your products to have labels, stickers or other packaging materials that cannot stand up to the conditions of the outdoors, as this would likely hinder your brand's image in the eyes of customers. Rather, you can use weatherproof labels to get the job done, and customize them to make a splash with your current and prospective clientele this spring.

Specialized Lawn Care Labels

If you serve homeowners as a product manufacturer for lawn and garden maintenance, you should be actively engaging your clientele around this time of year. As the snow thaws and mercury rises, the average homeowner will be jumping right into lawn and garden work. Considering that this month marks the beginning of what is often the busiest two seasons for manufacturers of relevant products, the time is now to get moving on specialized marketing and product placement campaigns.

Garden labels that include some tips on how best to use the products, or even pull more information in to provide general guidance for springtime planters, might be a bit more successful on the shelves than those that have one or two words and a price tag.

At the same time, the content is only one piece of a bigger puzzle. You will want to ensure that the designs, color schemes and general aesthetics of your labels are eye-catching enough to draw in customers at retail or wholesale locations. This is where customized durable labels can really come in handy.

Custom Garden and Lawn Labels

With custom labels, your marketing and product management teams will have a lot more flexibility to break traditions and put out a winning product package. Competition is going to be hot in the lawn and garden arenas this month, and personalized or customized labels are a great way to differentiate your brand from others.

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