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Back-to-School Selling Season Starts Now: Time for Custom Labels and Stickers

Back-to-School Selling Season Starts Now: Time for Custom Labels and Stickers

Back-to-School Selling Starts NowCustomized Stickers from Lightning Labels are a Valuable Asset for Any Educational Institution

School may be the last thing on kids' minds at this time of year, but for adults, June marks the beginning of the bustling back-to-school selling season. There is no time like the present to order customized stickers and labels to promote and support sports teams, associations, clubs and events.

Just like in the retail sector, the quality of custom labels and stickers can speak volumes about the subject of the promotion itself, whether it's an artisanal candle or a school sports team. Given this connection, Lightning Labels strives to print professional-grade, vibrant, durable labels to help cast back-to-school promotion in the best light.

Order Quality School Stickers Without Breaking the Bank

There are three reasons why Lightning Labels' school stickers don't compromise on quality or come with sky-high price tags:

  • The ability to print stickers in small quantities: Buyers may not need thousands of the same sticker, and that's OK. Lightning Labels makes its professional, short-run roll stickers available in low enough quantities to be viable for even the smallest budget.
  • Lightning-speed sticker printing: Usually, quick order turnarounds come with rush charges, but that isn't the case at Lightning Labels. Most customized sticker orders are printed in 72 hours.
  • Custom sticker proofing: Thanks to Lightning Labels' free press proofs, customers can get a sense of their stickers' look and feel before they pay a cent. If time is of the essence, proofing via electronic PDFs is also an option.

Get A Jump on Ordering Custom School Labels This Summer

Summer ushers in a change of pace that involves vacations, warm-weather activities and children underfoot, and ordering custom school labels can fall by the wayside if it isn't taken care of early. That's where Lightning Labels comes in.

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