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Beverage Labels May Become More Honest

Beverage Labels May Become More Honest

Custom Labels for Beverages Should be More Honest Following a recent court case, beverage makers may want to consider exercising transparency through their custom labels. The Supreme Court recently decided that POM Wonderful can sue Coca-Cola for a drink that's labeled as as a "pomegranate-blueberry" juice, even though it contains only 0.3 percent pomegranate juice.

"This is a really good decision for consumers - and for honest businesses," Steve Gardner, litigation director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an activist consumer group, told USA Today. "This encourages honest competition."

The change may not be seen immediately, but it gives beverage manufacturers a reason to be more honest. Trying to slip label claims past consumers may result in a lawsuit, now that POM Wonderful has set the bar for others to follow suit.

Honesty is Beneficial for Customers and Brands The case could be beneficial for all. On the manufacturer side, it encourages companies to really think as they design their beverages. If they want to claim it's made using specific ingredients, the product needs to actually contain them. For customers, they can rest assured they are getting what the label says they are buying.

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