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Booming Market For Organic Labels

Booming Market For Organic Labels

Exponential Increase In Number Of Eco-Labels

Labels denoting the organic or environmentally friendly nature of products are a hot commodity. According to the Organic Monitor, which recently examined the burgeoning market for green labels and certifications, the market for such labels is undergoing an enormous boom.

Organic Monitor said labels for organic foods and drinks represent the bulk of a nearly $75 million market for eco-labels. Overall, there are more than 200 seals and logos for qualified products. The research also noted non-GMO labels, water footprint labels and carbon emission labels are gaining popularity.

Increase In Labels Happening Too Fast? Organic Monitor cautioned that even though the market for organic labels is rapidly expanding, it could lead to some inconveniences for customers. The research found the exponential increase in labels has created problems for consumers who are overwhelmed with the sheer number of labels that seem to indicate the same thing.

Organic Monitor said there needs to be better cohesion between label makers and certifiers in order to prevent consumers from souring on eco-friendly labels. Collaboration is also needed to spur more food producers into working toward achieving an organic label.

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