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How Are Brands Using Consecutive Numbered Labels?

How Are Brands Using Consecutive Numbered Labels?

Identifying a specific item as part of a production run can have a few important benefits, whether businesses are mostly numbering the goods for their own internal use or for customers to see. Consecutive numbered labels are the simplest way to achieve this goal, with each package getting its own unique number.

When companies work with a labeling provider that uses all-digital printing methods and can therefore make every label in a print run different, they can even implement unique numbers into fully-designed custom product labels rather than sticking them on separately. However businesses plan on implementing consecutive numbering, they can boost the appeal of their products with the simple addition of these identifiers.

Appeal to Customers with Serialized Numbering

Manufacturers that use short production runs to create a feeling of exclusivity and boost demand can benefit from using consecutive number labels. Customers who see that each item has its own unique number will realize they are getting an exclusive product - when it's gone, it's gone. Seasonal special editions could benefit from this approach.

Companies that want to emphasize the premium and limited nature of these releases should work with label providers that can create high-quality, attractive custom labels - a visually unappealing number stuck onto a package could weaken the impression that the item is desirable.

Keep Track of Inventory with Consecutive Numbers

While customers may enjoy the feeling of getting a special edition item, there may be even more valuable uses for consecutive number labels in the warehouse. When goods have their own numbers - either on individual packages or shipments - companies will be able to more easily determine where products are in the supply chain, how much stock remains and which batch a particular container originates from.

In the event of a recall, detailed data that can identify the affected goods may be especially valuable. Logistics personnel will be able to easily find the impacted shipments and won't have to recall unaffected goods as a safety measure, because they'll know exactly which products they're looking for.

Find the Right Labeling Partner

Combining the convenience of serialized numbering with the eye-catching appeal of custom labels should be a priority for companies that want to maximize their packaging efficiency. Since Lightning Labels uses all-digital printing methods, its customers can receive print runs of labels with different information on each example. By combining this variable printing capability with quick turnaround times, flexible order sizes and helpful customer service, Lightning Labels has become the ideal partner for companies of all kinds.

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