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Calif. Legislation Requires New Outdoor Stickers on Boats

Calif. Legislation Requires New Outdoor Stickers on Boats

California Creates New Outdoor Stickers for Boats to Fight Mussel Infestation

Faced with a worsening mussel infestation in local waters, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is mandating that boat owners place a new outdoor sticker on their vessels beginning in 2014. The customized stickers will cost $16, a fee that will be used to fund grants from the State of California Department of Boating and Waterways, according to Lake County News, a local online publication. These grants will be given to organizations fighting quagga and zebra mussel infestations.

The sticker mandate is the result of legislation signed into law in 2012 by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Custom Stickers Requirement Causes Confusion in Local County The new mandate to place custom stickers on boats has confused residents in Lake County, which requires vessel owners to put a separate, county-specific sticker on their boats.

Scott De Leon, water resources director of Lake County, told The Willits News, a biweekly newspaper in Northern Mendocino County, that many residents have called his office asking whether purchasing the local sticker is necessary. He explained vessels placed in any water in the county must have an annually renewed sticker if owned by Lake County residents. All out-of-state boat owners are required to have a monthly sticker.

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