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California Could Soon Require Warning Labels on Sodas and Other Sugary Drinks

California Could Soon Require Warning Labels on Sodas and Other Sugary Drinks

California has a reputation for going its own way when considering labeling laws. The Golden State's stringent rules about health warnings extend across food and beverage categories. A bill that recently passed through the state senate, if signed into law, would add a requirement for warning labels on sugary beverages such as soda.

Considering the Proposed Rule

Lawmakers in the California senate are interested in limiting the consumption of beverages that contain a large percentage of sugar. According to the Los Angeles Times, supporters of the bill, such as Sen. Richard Pan, see new labeling laws as a way to strike back against health conditions such as diabetes. Opponents, such as American Beverage Association spokespeople, said there are more effective ways to limit sugar consumption than labeling soft drinks.

San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX noted that the proposed label would apply to any beverage that contains 75 or more calories of added sweeteners per 12 fluid ounces. The label would list some of the consequences that can come from consuming too much sugar, from tooth decay and diabetes to obesity. Retailers with soda fountains in their stores would be required to place warning labels on their premises, as well.

The current bill is not the first attempt by California lawmakers to list the risks of sugar consumption on product packages. The Los Angeles Times reported that the previous try at passing such a law came in 2018. The American Beverage Association's opposition to the bill was vociferous and included direct lobbying and campaign contributions for lawmakers who would not support beverage labeling.

Being Prepared to Change Labeling Strategy

Whether or not the current bill becomes California law, it's always wise to have a plan for your product labeling. Adding custom warning labels to your items is not difficult or overly costly when you work with a trusted third-party partner such as Lightning Labels. Because minimum order sizes are low, you can buy only as many labels as you need at the moment; if rules change, you won't be stuck with unusable stock of outdated custom bottle labels.

Working with Lightning Labels on your custom food labels and beverage labels is a great way to display all the elements and details mandated by law while still delivering appealing visual elements that will win customers over. Sharp, high-quality printing ensures all the text will be legible, whether the information in question is a required ingredients list, a fun recipe or a trademark brand slogan. Whether responding to a law or simply going for a visual refresh, there's no bad time to rethink your labels.

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