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China Proposes New Rule on Nutraceutical Labels for Supplements

China Proposes New Rule on Nutraceutical Labels for Supplements

China Drafts New Rules for Nutraceutical Labels and Inserts for Dietary Supplements

In late September, the China Food and Drug Administration published "Rules on Health Food Inserts on Labels," which would require certain information be provided on nutraceutical labels and inserts for dietary supplements. According to a Lexology post from law firm Sydney Austin, the new draft rules for nutraceutical product labels are the third version released since 2010.

The firm stated the proposed regulations differ significantly from those in other countries. While dietary supplements are often regarded and regulated as health foods, the CFDA views them as pharmaceutical and medical products.

Proposed Rules for Product Labels on Supplements List Information Inclusion Requirements The CFDA's newly proposed regulations for natural supplements outline the specific information that must be listed on product labels and inserts. According to Sydney Austin, raw materials, manufacturing date, batch number, manufacturer information and target demographic are among the data that would have to be included.

The draft states manufacturers would be primarily responsible for ensuring compliance, rather than distributors and other members of the supply chain. They'd also have to place warnings on supplements and would be forbidden from including misleading information or trademarks on labels.

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