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Consumers Read Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals and Prefer Organic Products

Consumers Read Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals and Prefer Organic Products

More Consumers Are Becoming Avid Readers of Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals

Consumers today are more health conscious than ever before, and more people are fine-tuning their label reading skills. As nutrition becomes more mainstream, when shoppers set out to find products, they're constantly eyeing custom labels for nutraceuticals and packaging before they make purchasing decisions. To attract such consumers, brands need to make sure their custom labels and stickers explain how their product complements a healthy lifestyle.

As scientists discover more about the causes and triggers of diseases like obesity and diabetes, organizations, government agencies and brands have embarked on educational campaigns to encourage shoppers to read nutraceutical labels. For example, the New York City Health Department recently began featuring banner ads in the city's subway system urging commuters to check labels for sodium content. The tagline of the campaign is "Compare Labels. Choose less sodium."

This initiative is one of many encouraging U.S. consumers to become more conscious of the health value of the foods and beverages they consume. As more people learn how to read labels, brands can help consumers make purchasing choices by delivering the right message on custom packaging and labels.

Custom Stickers for Nutraceuticals Attract Consumers As more shoppers look for specific health benefits when browsing for food and beverage products in stores and online, many are also choosing items that bear custom stickers for nutraceuticals or are organic, according to a recent study.

Researchers at Cornell University discovered people don't only believe organic items are healthier than non-organic ones, they also believe these foods taste better and are of higher quality.

The study gathered input from 115 shoppers at a mall in Ithaca, New York. Each participant was asked to taste yogurt, cookies and potato chips. They were given two varieties of each food, one of which respondents were told was organic and the other was supposedly not. However, both items in each category were secretly identical products.

When asked to rate each product, consumers identified organic samples as much better products, suggesting labels and stickers alone can have a strong influence on purchasing decisions. In fact, on average, consumers said they would pay up to 23.4 percent more for the "organic" foods.

In addition, participants assumed the supposedly organic cookies and yogurt not only tasted better, but also had fewer calories and less fat than their counterparts.

Nutraceutical Labels Help Educate Health-Focused Consumers Because the word "organic" alone can lead consumers to prefer certain products, manufacturers should consider the benefits of updating their product packaging to ensure items' health benefits are front and center on nutraceutical labels.

While designing new custom labels seems time-consuming and costly, working with a reputable digital label printer can get the job done quickly and painlessly. Digital printing allows businesses to create aesthetically pleasing stickers and labels that feature rich colors and high quality images. In addition, unlike archaic forms of packaging production, digital printing is a low-cost, high return investment option for label orders of all sizes - not just large ones.

As consumers demand more information on labels, brands can't afford to not heed their call. The right custom packing allows manufacturers to cater to avid label readers without spending a fortune. Not only can ordering such custom labels and packaging save businesses money, it might land them a prize.

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