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Custom Beer Labels On Tap For Your Summer

Custom Beer Labels On Tap For Your Summer

Summer Brews Deserve Fresh Labels

The craft beer business is competitive. Although craft beers make up a relatively small percentage of the beer market, the demand is growing. Consumers are confronted with a confusing array of new beers all the time. More and more small breweries start up and flood the cooler shelves at the grocery store with alternatives to your products.

Your brand image is critical, and a custom label for your beer is the chisel that carves out your niche. At Lightning Labels, we specialize in supplying custom craft beer labels and beer labels for brewery companies.

What Is a Craft Beer Exactly?

A craft beer is different from mass-produced beers. Your customers demand a certain quality, and they are willing to pay for it. Although it is difficult to clearly define what a craft beer is exactly, there are some common traits.

  • Perception – The look, mouthfeel, aroma, and flavor are all exceptional.
  • Ingredients – It is free from adjuncts, and only quality hops, malts, yeast, and water are used.
  • Experience – Your beer is savored, and it enhances meals and social gatherings.
  • Metrics – Your clients discuss your beer’s the specific gravity, IBUs, alcohol content, and SRM.

Most customers are also on the lookout for the newest thing. It is likely that you are already forced to change your production process slightly with the seasonal availability of ingredients. Take the opportunity to connect with new buyers. A custom label on your summer craft beers is the perfect introduction.

[caption id="attachment_13187" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Custom Beer Labels[/caption]

Keys to a Good Craft Beer Label

Custom craft beer labels and beer labels in general must quickly introduce a brand without overwhelming the customer. Goals for a good custom label design include:

  • Use a simple logo with recognizable themes.
  • Make it easy to read your company name.
  • Incorporate images related to the art of brewing beer.
  • Always use a consistent color scheme and patterns.
  • Generate interest by stating that this summer brew is a limited offering

Avoid cluttering your label design with too much information. Your label is a tool that builds an association with your product. It should inform buyers that your summer brews are new but not so dissimilar that they are unrecognizable.

Smaller breweries often do well with colorful or rebellious images on their labels. They communicate a sense of fun and adventure. For larger scale operations, it is important that customers take you seriously. Focus on a professional label that communicates your expertise.

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