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Custom Food Labels Are Missing Ingredients 

Custom Food Labels Are Missing Ingredients 

Study Finds Custom Food Labels Don't List Potassium Content

Research conducted by New York City health workers revealed many food companies have been leaving potassium content off their custom food labels. According to Reuters, the health workers reported that out of 6,560 packaged food labels studied from 61 different food categories, potassium contents were listed on only 500 of the products.

Potassium Food Labels Would Prevent Dietary Deficiencies
Printing potassium content on food labels would help those who are deficient in or sensitive to the mineral keep track of their dietary needs, health professionals said. Labeling potassium on food labels is optional, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), yet potassium content is a key ingredient to overall health. Many people need to ensure that they are consuming a sufficient amount of potassium each day, and those with impaired kidneys or other medical problems need to restrict how much they ingest. The majority of U.S. adults are getting less than the daily dose of recommended values of potassium, Dr. Susan Kansagra, a contributor to the New York City study, told Reuters. 

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