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Custom Jar Labels Complete Your Winter Canning Project

Custom Jar Labels Complete Your Winter Canning Project

Custom Jar LabelsJar Labels Are a Must for Canning Projects

Canning is an effective means of preserving food, often for upward of three years, and to ensure people and brands know what is in the container, jar labels are absolutely essential. With the winter now upon us, canning is a great way to heat up the home - the canner generates a tremendous amount of heat, which can make for a cozy house. But on top of that, it also helps people preserve food, which may result in fewer trips to the grocery store, and no one wants to brave wintry storms just to head to the store.

However, when it comes to storing jars of preserved goods, the contents of these containers can quickly become confusing. Sometimes, people may can similar items, such as a variety of different types of beans. In other instances, it can simply become confusing trying to identify contents within a jar. Regardless of the reason, jar labels are a must - they can help with identification and are crucial if people want to sell their canned goods at local markets.

Custom Jar Labels for Winter Projects

With custom jar labels in hand, people have plenty of winter opportunities for canning. While they may not be able to pick fresh fruits and vegetables in the winter to can as they could in warmer months of the year, they still have numerous options available to them. The National Center for Home Food Preservation was quick to note that juice concentrates and canned vegetables are perfect for winter canning projects.

"There are recipes perfect for people yearning to can in the winter," Elizabeth Andress, the director of the Center for Home Food Preservation, told the news source. "You don't always have to can with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of those preserves also make nice holiday gifts."

A couple of great ideas for winter canning projects include making orange jelly from frozen concentrated orange juice and hot sauce with canned diced tomatoes and Serrano peppers. Not only can this be a fun activity for people stuck in the home, it also helps them preserve their food and they can even sell some of their jars or give them away as gifts - perhaps as birthday or late holiday presents.

Canning Stickers are a Must for Businesses and Hobbyists Alike

Whether canners are simply hobbyists or they want to sell their preserves, canning stickers are a must. They help lend a professional feel, which is a necessity for a business trying to sell goods but can also help bring hobbies to the next level. If hobbyists want to give their canned goods away as gifts, then labels make the present more endearing as well.

High-quality custom labels are crucial for not only identification and promotional purposes, but also to let people know what ingredients are used in the product and nutritional facts. At the end of the day, all canners should consider custom stickers.

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