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    Handcrafted Bath Products Industry to Unite in Toronto

    The Handcrafted Bath & Body Guild of Canada is teaming with the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild to hold the 2018 Canadian Soap & Cosmetics Conference in Toronto. The event, taking place June 8-10, is the first edition of an annual convention, one that will see independent bath and body entrepreneurs come into town from all over Canada.

    The agenda for the three days includes an awards banquet, as well as panels and educational sessions. There will also be an exhibitor room, where business owners can strike up the partnerships that will define their business for the next year and beyond.

    Discover Handmade Cosmetics Strategies

    Selling products in the competitive and independent world of artisanal cosmetics can be challenging.

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  • Discover This Year's Soap and Cosmetic Trends May 3-5 in Atlanta

    Owning your own business is a fulfilling way to bring products to customers, but it can be isolating. Getting away from the storefront or storeroom for a day and meeting up with other participants in your industry may yield exciting new insights about trends, best practices and possible sources of value.

    The Handmade Soap and Cosmetics Guild show provides this kind of collaborative environment for the bath and beauty industry. This year, the conference is in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 3-5, with the potential for intensive seminars on May 2.

    Lightning Labels will have a table at the show, so our representatives can demonstrate the potential of high-quality handmade soap and cosmetic labeling.

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  • Add Beauty To Your Soap Products with High Quality Custom Soap Labels

    Handmade soap and related beauty products have found serious demand in recent years. These artisanal items are appealing for consumers who are interested in going beyond the standard offerings created by the major brands. For individuals who create soap, there is a new opportunity arising: For people who find their audience, making soap can go from a hobby to a source of income.

    When a handmade soap brand makes the leap to professional status, it's time to focus on labeling. Marketing artisanal soap means competing against other small brands, as well as the corporate operations that have mass production and advertising budgets on their side.

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  • Case Study: Truly You Skincare


    Founded by 13-year-old Nicole Ayoub in February 2016, Truly You Skincare faces the challenge inherent with most new product companies: Produce a high-quality product with professional- grade packaging on a do-it-yourself budget.

    Nicole, with the support of her mom Michele who provides oversight and guidance, formulated and manufactured the skincare products themselves, but found the labels lacking. “At first, the labels weren’t oil-resistant and waterproof. They were falling off and looked bad, which made us look bad to buyers and retailers,” says Nicole. The company needed to engage a custom label printer partner that would deliver consistently professional results, while keeping costs low and staying nimble to fast-changing circ

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  • Designing Beauty Product Labels Customers Will Notice

    Catching the Eye with Custom Labels

    When it comes to marketing your beauty products, packaging is one of the major ways to reach an audience. Marketing and other forms of customer outreach are important, but when it comes down to a shopper in a store making a choice about what to buy, it's your label design that will sway the buyer one way or another. If you've gone several years without refreshing your product labels, now may be the time to change. Working with third-party printers is an easy way to add new flair to your entire line of offerings, enabling quick and effective changes of branding.

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