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Are Custom Roll Labels Right For Your Products?

Are Custom Roll Labels Right For Your Products?

Effective, flexible and efficient - these are some of the traits associated with custom roll labels from Lightning Labels. Our digitally printed labels incorporate the styles, quantities, materials and finishes you choose, and are designed to work perfectly with your overall branding strategy.

Before starting a project with Lightning Labels, you may have some questions. When it's time to order labels for the first time, or to switch from one provider to another, it pays to understand the new provider's style. Here are a few of the details when it comes to Lightning Labels' custom label offerings:

Roll Labels as a Default

Lightning Labels produces labels that sit on a three-inch core. This is a standard size, meaning it's well-suited to application with automatic label applicators. This doesn't mean roll labels are a bad choice if you label products by hand, however. Labels can be easily peeled off the core and stuck onto your items. Furthermore, if sheet labels are better for your processes, you can opt for sheets instead of rolls - this is one of the areas where Lightning Labels is flexible.

Thousands of Shapes and Sizes

No matter the shape or size of your company's product packages, there is likely a label from Lightning Labels that will fit the situation. Lightning Labels doesn't print your designs on standard-sized, pre-cut labels. Instead, you have an enormous amount of choice regarding shape and size. Lightning Labels prints every order in a custom manner, then cuts the labels into the exact right size for your project.

Choice of Materials and Finishes

Another of Lightning Labels' advantages is the variety of roll label materials you have to choose from. Whether your products are best suited to environmentally friendly and texturally interesting biostone labels, gleaming and impressive chrome BOPP labels or anything in between, Lightning Labels has the answer.

If your company is new to its field or if it's a longtime industry stalwart, product roll labels from Lightning Labels can complete the branding picture.

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