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    Get Ready for 420 with Custom Cannabis Labels and Stickers

    Custom Cannabis Labels Maximize Your Brand's Image

    There are few industries younger than the legal recreational cannabis market. That newness is no excuse for shoddy branding, however. Your packaging strategies should be robust already, as your company will certainly have competition from the minute it enters this space. As more states roll back laws on the sale and use of marijuana products, it's worth considering how your branding stacks up. This is where custom cannabis labels come in.

    Legalization Creates New Frontier

    The spread of cannabis products to new states has been swift and transformative. A few years back, the pot-centric holiday April 20 (4/20) may have rated a few winking comments from companies' social media teams. Now, there are businesses that can provide actual cannabis products on that day. These kinds of opportunities are uncharted territory in some ways, but in others they're just old-fashioned marketing occasions. When it's time to launch your brand's 4/20 marketing strategy, there's plenty you can do to jazz up the physical presentation of your business with customized cannabis labels.

    Custom cannabis labels and stickers that give your brand a strong identity within the growing legal cannabis sector are a must, though they come with their own challenges. For instance, the regulatory and labeling situation regarding cannabis product labels is still developing. It's important not to order too many labels at once, to make sure you're not left with unusable stock if regulations change before you use up your supply. This means you should lean toward providers that can offer small orders at affordable rates when purchasing custom marijuana labels.

    New States and Provinces

    This year, states such as Colorado and Washington will have legal cannabis sellers active on 4/20. In a few years, the list could grow considerably. In a cheeky feat of numbering, the Rhode Island State Senate has introduced Bill No. 420, which would allow legal sale of recreational marijuana. As that state's NBC 10 News pointed out, proponents argue that once marijuana goes on sale in neighboring Massachusetts, Rhode Island will lose a potential source of tax revenue. With that sort of logic at play, legalization could creep across the whole country, one state at a time.

    With some states deeply invested in the process of bringing recreational marijuana to market and others making considered steps in that direction, the opportunities for business owners are clear. Next April 20, it's possible we'll look back at this year and remark how far the legalization effort has spread. It's time for those who have considered leaping into this market to make a decision.

    An Ideal Custom Cannabis Labeling Partner

    In a field that is still evolving, you need the help of a company that won't require high-volume orders for your custom cannabis labels. With its all-digital processes, Lightning Labels can fit this role. Compelling and clear printing will also help your products stand out. Even in a market that's just getting off the ground, professionalism is key. Lightning Labels wins on this count, too, capable of creating high-quality and durable custom labels. Combine those facts with the lightning-fast turnaround times that give the company its name, and it's clear: Lightning Labels can help your growing legal cannabis business.

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  • Consecutive Number Labels Keep Track of Everything!

    Consecutive Number Labels Allow For Precise Tracking

    When you order from Lightning Labels, you have the option of receiving consecutive number labels, perfect for a number of tracking functions that any business can harness. Whether you're interested in precisely noting your inventory levels, hope to create a desirable limited-edition product or just want to issue parking permits with their own unique numbers, this kind of printing is for you.

    Investing in bar code labels and other tools for easy internal counting of information will enable you to simplify the storage, transport and stocking of your products. When you're working with partners that require products to be individually traceable, this is a powerful potential solution. While this is a popular use of consecutive number labels, it's not the only one. Passes and permits are more effective - meaning easier to keep track of and harder to falsify - when they are individually numbered.

    Numbering for Products

    When you want to mark individual packages of products - or note items as part of series - consecutive numbering from Lightning Labels is the way to achieve this feat. The numbers can be for your own benefit or meant for customers to see. In the former case, the digits or bar codes are employed by you and any companies you partner with to track inventory levels or movement through the supply chain. The visibility that comes with inventory labels is valuable and helps you keep an eye on stock without exerting great effort.

    You can also aim consecutive numbers at consumers. Letting shoppers know one of your items is part of a limited run - with the individual numbering to prove it - can create an exclusive and premium feel around that product. Maybe it's a bottle of this year's maple syrup harvest, or an object in a seasonal color scheme. Whatever your particular line of items is, you can employ consecutive numbering to make the offerings stand out from other, potentially larger companies' goods.

    Numbering for Passes and Permits

    If it's up to you to issue passes, permits and other credentials that recipients stick onto their car windows or clothes, you can take advantage of Lightning Labels' consecutive numbering offerings. Parking sticker labels with consecutive numbers can be tracked, with each individual sticker corresponding to a single recipient. This aids in your record-keeping and stops forgeries. Furthermore, when you issue these or other permits with consecutive numbers, it's easy to see at a glance how many you've given out and how many remain available.

    Affordable Short-Run Printing

    When you opt for consecutive number labels, you're likely only looking for a limited amount. This could pose problems if you were working with a partner that offers unreasonable rates for short print runs, but that's not how Lightning Labels does business. With all-digital processes in place, even modestly sized orders are affordable. Next time you're looking for an inventory tracking aid, a print run of parking passes or a batch of labels for limited-edition products, you can contact Lightning Labels. There are a variety of uses for consecutive number labels, and it's easy to see how they'll benefit various company types.

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  • Create Fun, Vibrant Custom Stickers for Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day!

    Upcoming Holidays Call for Custom Stickers

    When a holiday invites celebration and colorful displays, custom stickers are a great choice to spice up your party or workplace. With Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day both approaching quickly, it's time to think about whether an order of custom stickers is a good way to make your products, workplace or party favors seem more colorful, exciting and fun.

    Mardi Gras is On The Way

    February will close with a party this year, as Mardi Gras falls on the 28th. You can celebrate "Fat Tuesday" anywhere in the world - in fact,  people inparts of the country that are still cold and gray in February could probably use the festival more than anyone. There is a whole host of bright carnival imagery and vibrant colors that can turn an average office environment into a mini Bourbon Street, and the resulting dose of festive life can help the winter feel like it's passing a little quicker.

    Whether you're organizing a theme party or preparing your company for a seasonal promotion, Mardi Gras stickers are a good way to promote the day. If you're based in or near Louisiana, the carnival can become a point of regional pride and local color. If not, you can add a dash of New Orleans' festive flavor to your February.

    St. Patrick's Day is Up Next

    Once February is in the books, March will roll along, and with it, St. Patrick's Day. If you're in a region with a strong Irish heritage, you're likely used to parades and big public celebrations. Even if not, you can add a little luck of the Irish to your own business promotions or parties in March. The imagery associated with the holiday, based around vibrant green shamrocks, makes a great subject for St. Patrick's Day stickers. Using these custom stickers to spice up the premises will help ring in the spring.

    Days to Celebrate

    Stickers aren't right for every occasion - some of the the events on the calendar are too somber or niche to be right for promotions or celebrations with stickers. However, the winter and spring are full of events that are prime times for custom stickers. Both Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day lend themselves to parties, and come ready with years of history and bold imagery to pick from. Whether you're just organizing a big celebration or want to make these holidays part of the seasonal promotion calendar for your business, custom stickers are a great bet in both cases.

    Order Soon

    Lightning Labels, true to its name, is defined by its lightning speed. This means that you can order now and have your stickers for the upcoming holidays, and with time to spare. Whether you're in an area where Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day are huge items on the calendar or you're importing these days to add some fun to your winter and spring, custom stickers from Lightning Labels are the way to go. Lightning Labels' all-digital processes mean minimum order sizes are low, quality is high and turnaround times are brief. That adds up to a great custom sticker partner.

  • New USDA Rules Coming for Food Product Labeling

    Obeying Food Labeling Rules

    Companies that produce foods and beverages face unique product packaging demands, with a host of regulations to oblige before they even get around to aesthetic decisions. If your business operates in this area, you've already navigated the rules and gotten into compliance. However, in the years ahead, important changes are on the way. The latest announcements come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and have to do with the "sell by" or "use by" label - which has a new name, as well as the compliance dates for meat and poultry regulations.

    Cutting Down on Food Waste

    Food Processing explained that the USDA's recommendation - to implement a new "best if used by" label across the food production world - is designed to prevent waste. Today, different manufacturers use a variety of expiration date formats. These listings are voluntary for all products except infant formula, which requires the use of expiration dates. The new guidance is meant to ensure that wherever optional dating is employed, companies are working with the same vocabulary and format.

    Faced with a patchwork of phrases, including "sell by" and "use by," consumers may be thinking of the listed dates as hard cutoffs for freshness, and throwing food away that is still good. Food Processing noted that by standardizing the use of dating systems, and employing the phrase "best if used by," the USDA is hoping to ensure that shoppers will be better informed. People will now gain the knowledge that products of a certain age may have degraded in quality, but aren't necessarily unsafe. A hard-seeming "use by" date encourages individuals to throw food out, which causes waste.

    The recommendation comes after a period of research into the effects of different types of phrases. According to Food Processing, the USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service settled on the final wording because high rates of people get the intended meaning. Implementing a blanket description across the food world is a big moment for the industry, and it was important for the agency to make sure its chosen version of the label is helpful.

    Meat and Poultry Compliance Dates

    Another announcement from the USDA FSIS concerns the meat and poultry industries. According to Food Safety News, this release isn't about any one rule. Rather, it's a notice that any regulations applied to meat and poultry production in 2017 and 2018 will go into effect on the first day of 2020. This gives producers a minimum of two years to adapt and get in compliance, though the agency would rather companies change practices as soon as rules are added to the books, rather than waiting for the deadline.

    The news source reported that the January 1, 2020 date will keep the FSIS in line with the Food and Drug Administration's labeling deadlines. Two years between announcement and implementation will allow organizations more than enough time to revise their labeling strategies. According to the FSIS guidance, a hard deadline for label changes is friendly to both companies and customers, as businesses won't have to change their labeling strategies too often, alterations which could lead to higher sticker prices.

    Ready for Anything

    The strategy you apply to your food labels will necessarily be impacted by regulations, but you don't have to worry about staying current in compliance, at least when you work with Lightning Labels. As an all-digital printing partner, Lightning Labels enables you to order relatively small quantities of stickers and labels for your products. This means no leftover or wasted labels when regulations change, and an ability to react quickly to any new regulations, getting well ahead of the deadlines. With a third party such as Lightning Labels on your side, you'll be able to stay ahead of the USDA's schedule rather than barely keeping up.

  • Create Fun, Vibrant Custom Stickers for the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day!

    Upcoming Events are Great Promo Opportunities

    Is your company ready to celebrate Valentine's Day? What about the Super Bowl? These are huge cultural events, and between the two of them, they cover a huge variety of target demographics. Custom stickers to place on your products - or just improve the look of your stores or offices - can draw the eye and get people interested in shopping with you and making purchases.

    There's still time to get Super Bowl or Valentine's Day stickers and have them in time for the big days. These are even more flexible than using full-scale product labels, as you can stick them onto items as they go onto the shelves, then peel off the ones that are still there after Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl. That way, you'll get the promo benefits as the events arrive, with no leftover irrelevant merchandise after the fact.

    Courting the Couples

    Valentine's Day is a huge event on the calendar at businesses of all kinds. Sell items that could be great gifts for couples? You can say so with Valentine's Day stickers. This is a perfect application for stickers as opposed to labels, as the gift-giver can peel the stickers off before wrapping the present up. Little reminders that the day is coming up, in the form of stickers, can go over well with customers, who will appreciate the heads-up and potentially make a purchase on the spot. Obviously, the earlier you put stickers on products, the more likely you are to inspire such an "ah-ha" moment in shoppers.

    Getting Ready for the Big Game

    The Super Bowl has become synonymous with parties and get-togethers, as fans of teams that made to the big game unite with other football fans, or people who are more interested in mega-budget commercials, to watch on TV. If you sell products that would enliven these events, go ahead and print stickers. While the NFL and its teams will zealously protect their trademarks, there are plenty of ways to use neutral football imagery and text to spark interest among your shoppers, especially if the team in your area is making a deep playoff run. With such a carefully regulated event, it's worth looking up the guidelines - but there are ample ways to design fun stickers and stay compliant.

    Timing is Everything

    Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl are united by a fun, vibrant atmosphere. These are days to get together and celebrate, and as such they make great marketing opportunities for you. They are also events that cease to become relevant to shoppers right after they occur, with the imagery and signifiers suddenly looking dated from the moment convenience stores move their Valentine's Day candy to the markdown aisle. This means you should work quickly and deploy stickers as soon as possible.

    It's not too late to get Valentine's Day stickers, Super Bowl stickers, or any other custom stickers to celebrate upcoming events in mid-to-late February. Lightning Labels prides itself on its quick and efficient processes, relying on all-digital printing to get you the stickers you need in a matter of days, not weeks or months. If you're considering letting Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl pass - but have products that could benefit from cross-promotion - it's time to reconsider and take action.

  • Start planning for Valentine's Day with Custom Valentine’s Day Labels

    Custom Valentine's Day Labels Enliven Perfume, Candles and More

    If you produce items that would make a great gift or romantic scene-setter for couples on Valentine's Day, you shouldn't leave it up to chance that people will associate your brand with the holiday. Instead, why not invest in custom Valentine's Day stickers or labels that will make the connection clear? The next few months will see a wave of shoppers taking to stores, faced with the pressure of putting together memorable presents and dates for their significant others. You can give these consumers an easy choice with your labeling strategy.

    Love is in the Air

    You can redefine your products to make them a hit for Valentine's Day. Labels and stickers make all the difference, guiding consumers in the right direction. Branding that mentions Valentine's Day directly could one-up other brands that don't invest in specialized packaging. This may prove especially relevant if you hurry - in February, people will be looking for last-minute presents. In January, you could act as an early reminder and help shoppers get ahead of the game. Imagine how grateful these buyers will be when February rolls around and they already have great presents put aside.

    Perfume is one of the most natural gifts associated with Valentine's Day Custom labels for perfume can increase your brand's appeal. Perfume is a simple but elegant and romantic choice, provided it's packaged in a compelling and attractive way. Custom perfume bottle labels that look great and catch the eye can help you win hearts this Valentine's Day. You can even mention the holiday on a custom sticker that the buyer then peels off along with the price tag before handing the bottle over. The sticker is aimed at the customer and encourages a purchase. The label looks elegant and classy and ensures the gift is appreciated.

    You can also apply holiday branding to items that create a romantic atmosphere. Try applying custom Valentine's Day stickers to your candle products, explaining what a great ambience they create at date-night dinners. This is a canny branding strategy for candle manufacturers, as shoppers may be getting sick of products branded with winter imagery after the holiday season and the beginning of the new year. Glistening snow fields that once seemed so charming now remind them that February and March are on their way. Why not swap out snowflakes and reindeer for a romantic image set? This could keep at least some of your offerings highly relevant for a few months following the holidays.

    Order Now and Get Started

    Your Valentine's Day marketing strategy can begin at any time between now and the holiday. Earlier is likely better, as you don't want to appeal only to last-minute shoppers. It's not too late to get started on a January-focused roll-out for custom labels and stickers, as you have the option of working with Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels ships orders from domestic facilities rather than outsourcing production, and it employs all-digital printing processes that allow customers to get what they're looking for in days, not weeks or months. It's time to start marketing to the lovebirds of the world.

  • What does your business need to be successful in 2017?

    Time to Reflect and Move Forward

    Your company is likely winding down operations for 2016, and plans for 2017 are probably at least being pondered, if not solidified. This means it's a great time to add new tactics that will make the coming year especially fruitful for your business. There are so many approaches to try that it can be intimidating to think about, but launching a new product is perhaps the most reliable way to strike a positive new tone. Releasing an updated or all-new offering promises attention and gives you a chance to get ahead of the competition - just make sure the promotional materials surrounding your innovation are up to the task.

    Drawing the Eye

    A new product should be decked out in appropriate packaging, to let audiences know just what it is, why it's important and that they haven't seen it before. Custom labels that fit in with the strategy your brand has used thus far, but take that imagery in a new direction, can help a newly released item fulfill the dual role of exciting new feature and part of an established grouping. You can even employ custom stickers on your other products so shoppers know about the new launch even when they're buying their old favorites.

    A new product unveiling may also serve as a great chance to refresh the look of your whole line. A bold new color scheme or design aesthetic could elevate your brand relative to competitors or catapult the products into a new market. If you think your offerings should be marketed as luxury items, or should tap into the unfolding craze for handmade, craft items, the new year could be a good time to shift branding accordingly. You can execute such a line-wide change whether you have a new product to promote or not, as such a dramatic shift makes old items look new again.

    Promotion All Over Town

    You don't have to limit your branding and promotional muscle to your packages. A wave of bumper stickers or window decals for your customers can spread your message far and wide. Make these stickers attractive enough and shoppers will have no problems attaching them to their cars, computers and other flat-surfaced objects. If you have a new item in the works for 2017, make sure it's properly represented on these stickers. To get true value for your money, all your stickers should be tough enough to survive for months or years, so your message won't fade from view.

    Time to Order

    The brief respite at the end of the year is a great time to order the labels and stickers that will make your new campaigns pop visually. Lightning Labels stands ready to fulfill your requests in days, rather than weeks or months, no matter how many or few items you order. By working with Lightning Labels, you gain a partner equipped with digital technology that can realize high-quality designs on a variety of tough and versatile materials. With such an ally in your corner, your 2017 branding efforts will begin on a great note.

  • Custom Stickers and Decals for Spring Sports

    Think About Spring

    Stickers and decals can be huge sources of promotion for a sports team. If you work with a school or local team in one of the spring sports - baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse or any other - now is a great time to think about how you're going to keep team spirit high this season. With custom decals and stickers, you can give fans an outlet to pledge their allegiance, and a way to reach out to others. This is a way to make sure your distinctive team colors and logo are seen throughout the community, whether you sell the stickers or give them out for free as a promotional item.

    Decals and Stickers Make a Splash

    A removable window decal is one of the best types of sticker you can choose when you're thinking of ways to promote a team. The fact that these stickers peel off the window with no damage done or lingering residue means people will fearlessly stick them to windows at home, work or on the go. When it's time for the spring season, fans can switch out winter sports logos for custom sports decals full of springtime imagery. Since these decals are such an easy sell, you can print them fearlessly, knowing you'll likely find a willing audience happy to stick them up.

    When it comes to promoting a school sports team, there are many venues to give out custom stickers. Hand them to students or parents at the beginning of the season, pass them out at games, give them as a bonus to anyone who donates to a team fundraiser - the uses are numerous, and can help you get the word out about the team. People with a connection to the team will want to show that allegiance, and you give them a great medium for that pride with your stickers and decals.

    You'll know you've succeeded in your promotional mission when you see your custom sports stickers around town, on business windows, car bumpers, laptops - any flat surface will do! Stickers are such a compelling promotional item because they beg to be shown off and displayed. When team supporters put up a sticker in a visible place, it reminds others in the community that the season is going on. Such a promotional push is an auspicious start for the new year, so it's time to prepare now, even with snow on the ground in many corners of the country.

    Get Ready for Spring

    Printing stickers for the upcoming season early isn't a necessity due to slow printing - in actuality, Lightning Labels turns orders around in days, rather than weeks or months. Rather, you should start planning and ordering now to ensure you have your strategy lined up from before the first game of the new year gets underway. It's time to work with a trusted third party to ensure your team's logo and color scheme translate seamlessly to a high-quality and tough batch of stickers or window decals. With sticker planning out of the way, you can get started on game planning!

  • Go Team Go! Show Your Team Spirit with Custom Spirit Sheets

    Promoting Your Season

    It's time for another exciting season for your sports team. Whether you're involved with a school team or a local pro or amateur side, you're likely looking for ways to get fans on board and keep them engaged for the whole campaign. This is a job for stickers. Hand out the right mix of promotional stickers and you'll give your fans a reminder that you're out there putting it on the line, and they should be watching and cheering. But how can you work out the materials, shapes and quantities of stickers that will appeal to the audience? Lightning Labels has done some of the work for you by introducing Spirit Sheets.

    Exciting Features

    What makes custom Spirit Sheets better than an average mixture of stickers? Every element of the product has been tuned to help you reach out to fans and followers. That means you can place an order and immediately have a great promotional tool that people will keep through the whole season.

    Great mix of shapes: Spirit Sheets come with a few big stickers, perfect for a print-out of your roster or schedule to stick on the fridge or the back of a laptop. These will stay with fans for months, and they'll always remember to support the team. These large options are accompanied by smaller stickers, perfect for your logo or a design incorporating your sport's equipment of choice - a baseball, soccer ball, hockey puck, basketball - the options are endless.

    Special offering for football: But what if you're promoting a football team? Those round stickers seem less useful for this popular sport. That's why Lightning Labels offers a die configuration with small stickers shaped like footballs, helmets and cheer megaphones. Football program administrators can order Spirit Sheets that look tailor-made for their team imagery.

    Repositionable adhesive: When you want your fans to stick up your logo in their homes, give them an item that's easy and convenient to use. Your team Spirit Sheets will come backed with repositionable instead of permanent adhesive, meaning recipients won't think twice about sticking one of your big stickers to a stainless steel appliance or a laptop, even if it only applies to the current season.

    • Quantity of choice: If the team you love represents a small school or plays in a rural location, you may feel it would be overkill to order hundreds of Spirit Sheets. Lightning Labels still has you covered. As an all-digital printer, its services are available even in small quantities. The minimum order size for Spirit Sheets is a mere 50.

    A Bold Look for Your Team

    It's time to step up and promote your next season. Whether you're in the market for school Spirit Sheets or looking to promote a local franchise, there's likely a season just around the corner. It's time to place an order with Lightning Labels and be the first competitor in your division to reach out through the flexible and bold medium of custom stickers. These are little reminders that will stick with fans for months and carry team spirit far and wide.

  • Baby it's Cold Outside! Use Temperature Resistant Labels that Can Stand the Temperatures

    Tough Labels for Rough Weather

    The coldest months of the year loom ahead, and if you make products meant to be displayed outside during the winter, you're going to need to ensure they're made of appropriate materials. There's no value in a label that peels off of its product before it can pass on its marketing message, and that's why it pays to carefully manage your labeling for outdoor goods - or even ones that could conceivably be stored or transported through the cold. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice vibrant colors or high-quality imagery to get the temperature sensitive labels you need this winter.

    The Cold Months Are Here

    It's December, which means it's a great time to check on your labeling strategy. Items that are displayed, stored or transported in cold temperatures may be looking worse for wear when they reach their destinations. This is a major problem for your brand because labeling is an important way to perform last-minute marketing and get people excited to purchase the item in question. If the labels' adhesive is giving out, it doesn't matter how long you spent on their graphic design, that part of the presentation is lost. This is where temperature resistant labels come in, staying strong in inclement weather.

    In addition to your main labels, it's possible to add stickers that stay in place during the colder months. These temperature resistant stickers can even impart seasonal information such as the temperatures a product can withstand. The stickers then strengthen the impression that the item works at low temperatures by looking good even when they're displayed in the cold. Stickers are a good addition to a labeling strategy in that their deployment can be flexible. You can add seasonal stickers during the winter, then remove them from unsold items in spring to try a new set of relevant seasonal tactics.

    When deciding whether your labels and stickers have to be strong enough to withstand cold temperatures, don't just think about outside-focused items. Imagine the warehouses where items will be stored and the trucks that will carry them. If any stage of the process will be particularly cold during the winter months, it's best to go with temperature sensitive labels or stickers.

    Time to Order

    Is it too late to launch a new labeling or sticker strategy that will take effect this winter? Not if your company works with Lightning Labels. True to its name, Lightning Labels is able to offer lightning-fast turnaround on orders. You can know that your stickers and labels will be with you in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, due to Lightning Labels' ongoing commitment to not outsourcing its production and its use of digital printing.

    With many different materials available, you can pick one that will survive the harsh temperatures of winter - or refrigerated environments, if you sell and item that needs to be cold year-round. On top of the added toughness, you don't have to sacrifice your products' appearance. Lightning Labels works with materials that enable high-quality printing of impactful and sharp imagery.

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