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December is Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

December is Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

December is Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Helping Food Service Industry Professionals

Each December, an international awareness campaign seeks to ensure individuals in the food service industry are safe and successful. Worldwide Food Service Safety Month can be a great opportunity to launch more personalized product packaging and labeling strategies given the increased attention placed on the matters involved, especially for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the industry.

One of the best ways to strike the right chords with these endeavors is to leverage food labels that at once bring attention to Worldwide Food Service Safety Month, include all of the proper information on the packages and align the brand with the campaign. Manufacturers and others will be better off using custom food labels for these particular projects, as the information will need to pop off the package and include a range of special components to recognize this month's big event.

Customized Food Labels

Personalization has been a central theme across marketing and product placement strategies for several years now, as companies of all types work to ensure that their brand image is properly crafted and executed at all times. Given the transformations that have taken place in the consumer landscape, customization might be the only way to truly retain loyal clientele while simultaneously converting new prospects in a profitable and progressive fashion.

When campaigns such as Worldwide Food Service Safety Month arise, the opportunity to put a different spin on custom labels will be more prevalent, and December is among the best times to make a major push in the brand management arena. With custom food service safety labels included on all the products that are being distributed and sold this month, your company can make waves in several areas, including among your restaurant clientele and consumers themselves.

The fact remains that the most creative and responsible food manufacturers and sellers will tend to be the most powerful and successful today, and grabbing any opportunity to align the brand with these core requirements of the industry is essential to enjoying the highest possible returns on investment. Focusing on creative, unique designs for the labels while still getting the word out about food service safety will be a great step in the right direction for industry players going into the new year.

Execution is Key

Creative departments and marketing professionals will need to play a major role in the development of the custom labels for this campaign, while quality assurance must be involved to ensure that all of the information is accurate on the stickers, decals and other items included on the product packages. Then, you will need to execute the plan properly by getting the labels printed in a timely and accurate fashion.

Lightning Labels can provide some of the fastest turnaround times on these orders while maintaining high-quality printing, making the company a helpful support for any business operating in the food industry.

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