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    Go Team Go! Show Your Team Spirit with Custom Spirit Sheets

    Promoting Your Season

    It's time for another exciting season for your sports team. Whether you're involved with a school team or a local pro or amateur side, you're likely looking for ways to get fans on board and keep them engaged for the whole campaign. This is a job for stickers. Hand out the right mix of promotional stickers and you'll give your fans a reminder that you're out there putting it on the line, and they should be watching and cheering. But how can you work out the materials, shapes and quantities of stickers that will appeal to the audience? Lightning Labels has done some of the work for you by introducing Spirit Sheets.

    Exciting Features

    What makes custom Spirit Sheets better than an average mixture of stickers? Every element of the product has been tuned to help you reach out to fans and followers. That means you can place an order and immediately have a great promotional tool that people will keep through the whole season.

    Great mix of shapes: Spirit Sheets come with a few big stickers, perfect for a print-out of your roster or schedule to stick on the fridge or the back of a laptop. These will stay with fans for months, and they'll always remember to support the team. These large options are accompanied by smaller stickers, perfect for your logo or a design incorporating your sport's equipment of choice - a baseball, soccer ball, hockey puck, basketball - the options are endless.

    Special offering for football: But what if you're promoting a football team? Those round stickers seem less useful for this popular sport. That's why Lightning Labels offers a die configuration with small stickers shaped like footballs, helmets and cheer megaphones. Football program administrators can order Spirit Sheets that look tailor-made for their team imagery.

    Repositionable adhesive: When you want your fans to stick up your logo in their homes, give them an item that's easy and convenient to use. Your team Spirit Sheets will come backed with repositionable instead of permanent adhesive, meaning recipients won't think twice about sticking one of your big stickers to a stainless steel appliance or a laptop, even if it only applies to the current season.

    • Quantity of choice: If the team you love represents a small school or plays in a rural location, you may feel it would be overkill to order hundreds of Spirit Sheets. Lightning Labels still has you covered. As an all-digital printer, its services are available even in small quantities. The minimum order size for Spirit Sheets is a mere 50.

    A Bold Look for Your Team

    It's time to step up and promote your next season. Whether you're in the market for school Spirit Sheets or looking to promote a local franchise, there's likely a season just around the corner. It's time to place an order with Lightning Labels and be the first competitor in your division to reach out through the flexible and bold medium of custom stickers. These are little reminders that will stick with fans for months and carry team spirit far and wide.

  • Fire Prevention Week is October 9-15: How Fire Prevention Stickers Can Help

    Fire remains a deadly and devastating threat facing homes and businesses around the world, but there are plenty of actions people can take to ensure their dwellings and places of business are as well protected as possible. Fire Prevention Week is all about reminding the public about the various ways to guard against the risk of fire. You can take this opportunity to print general awareness stickers, and use it as a reminder to print up fire prevention stickers that will protect your own loved ones or pets in the event of a fire.

    Awareness Increases

    If you serve on a community organization that wants to promote Fire Prevention Week, fire prevention stickers are a great way to get people thinking about the issue. Handing these out is a great way for local agencies to interact with the public. If the stickers are attractive and well-made, they could go on recipients' cars and spread their messages far and wide.

    Businesses can also get in on this type of promotion. Fire prevention is always relevant, so any company eager to be viewed as a responsible part of its community can spread these important messages between October 9 and 15. If you sell products that could contribute to fire safety, or should be kept isolated so they don't become a hazard, attaching fire prevention labels to those items is another good way to ensure people and their property aren't harmed.

    Warnings on Windows

    While you're no doubt careful about preventing a fire from breaking out in your home, there's no way to be 100 percent sure one won't occur. For this reason, it's a good idea to consider putting warning stickers on your windows or doors. Unobtrusive decals can tell first responders if the home contains young children or animals, so they'll know who and what to look for in the case of a fire. Firefighters can better protect lives when they go in knowing more details about the situation.

    Still Time to Order

    While Fire Prevention Week is right around the corner, it's not too late to get your stickers, labels and decals for the event. Lightning Labels, true to its name, is a high-speed printing partner that can turn your order around in days, instead of weeks or months. Using an all-digital process, Lightning Labels combines affordable prices for sticker batches of any size with speed and great materials. No matter what kind of approach you're taking to safety labels, fire prevention stickers or alert decals, Lightning Labels can help you reach your goal.

  • Prepare for Charitable Events and Awareness Campaigns with Custom Labels and Stickers

    In October and Beyond, Custom Labels and Stickers Promote Good Causes

    Philanthropy and supporting charity are year-round endeavors, but some months of the calendar are set aside for certain areas of focus. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, among other health-related causes. If you plan to run a fundraising effort, now is the time to think about setting up charitable event stickers and labels. Depending on your own background, there are many different products you can use to spread this charitable effort. Manufacturers and retailers can customize the labels of products while nonprofits can hand out bumper stickers that will last long after the month has ended, keeping awareness high.

    Visibility on the Rise

    You've no doubt seen some of the larger and more expensive awareness-raising promotions relating to breast cancer treatment. When sports leagues are inundated by pink ribbons and equipment in October, that's a huge campaign that millions will see.

    When it comes to promoting awareness and fundraising in your own community, you can harness similar imagery and apply it to custom stickers. If you're raising money, you can pass out "I donated" stickers to everyone who gives. Alternately, if your goal is to spread a message - such as encouraging more women to schedule breast cancer screenings - free stickers can get the word out.

    Tying a product or whole brand in with charitable and health awareness events is a great way to use visibility for a good cause, and it can create positive associations for the company. If you make or distribute merchandise, you can use custom charitable event labels on your goods, highlighting causes during their designated months and encouraging buyers to get involved.

    Health Campaigns Are Better With Stickers

    Safeguarding the health of a community is one of the most important efforts you can become involved in. Whether this takes the form of raising money for research into cures or increasing public awareness of the need for preemptive testing, any campaign can become more visually vibrant with the help of stickers and labels.

    Lightning Labels can be a partner for these efforts, producing tough and visually bold custom bumper stickers, specialized product labels and more. October's multiple public health campaigns can benefit from these items, and with quick turnaround times and a cost-effective all-digital process, you can get the materials you need with time to spare. Other months will bring new causes into the spotlight, and Lightning Labels can remain a valuable partner, helping you promote awareness of and raise funds for those efforts, too.

  • Custom Vinyl Stickers for a Multitude of Uses

    Make a Bright Statement with Custom Vinyl Stickers

    No matter what message your brand, organization or club is trying to send, custom vinyl stickers are one possible answer. When you work with an industry-leading printing partner, your creativity can take over. Whether you want a bold, futuristic or elegant look that conjures up the past, there is an option available. Digital printing methods are extremely versatile, and imagery of all kinds looks great. Durable vinyl stickers can get a logo or message seen, and you can choose from a variety of ways to deploy them.

    Many Uses for Custom Made Stickers

    Stickers are good for internal or external purposes. Either stick them to your own items or hand them out and spread a message wherever the recipients go. Tough vinyl stickers can hold up even when exposed to the elements, and no matter the type of organization you're looking to promote, they can help. Here are a few of their prominent uses:

    • Political campaign stickers: A candidate's name and logo will look great on a durable vinyl sticker. Alternatively, if you're hoping to get people to support or reject a piece of legislation, saying so in bold text on a vinyl sticker should help the cause. When you're promoting a campaign, going with vinyl sticker printing instead of settling for less tough materials is a can ensure the message stays vibrant until election day.
    • Business promotional stickers: Are you opening a new retail location? Having a sale? Want to promote your website or social media account? Handing out stickers is a great way to spread any one of these messages. Throw these items in for free when people buy from you, pass them out at community events or partner with other local brands to attach your logo to another campaign - you'll love seeing your company's name around town.
    • Fun stickers for kids: Maybe you don't have a political campaign to promote or a company to boost, perhaps just some kids to educate or entertain. Custom stickers help here, too. In classroom settings or places where a sticker might be a proud sign of good behavior - such as a doctor or dentist's office - tough vinyl stickers are a top choice.

    Small Order Sizes Available

    Even if you think your project doesn't need enough stickers to justify professional printing, chances are actually eligible. Lightning Labels can handle small or large batches of custom vinyl stickers, so whether you want a few of a large number of designs, a limited run of stickers for a special event or a huge print run to last for years, you can find what you're looking for.

  • Head Back to School with Custom Stickers and Bumper Stickers

    Make This a Great School Year with Custom Stickers

    Fall's right around the corner, and it's time to think about sending the kids back to school. If you work in the school system or have a child in middle or high school, you may be looking for ways to promote teams, clubs or general spirit this year. One great possible answer is custom printed stickers, which can carry bold imagery and legible logos that stand out and show your pride. With a need to promote organizations within schools and potentially raise funds for them, it's best to think about this avenue of promotion now, while there's still time before classes are in session.

    Bumpers and Beyond

    When it comes to designing school stickers, bumper stickers and car decals are some of the leading choices. These products can be given out or sold to parents and school employees to add a little pride and promotion to their cars. There is room to get specific with the subject matter, too - you can appeal directly to family members of sports players, band members, club participants, honor students and more. Creating different stickers for each year's graduating class is another way to inspire school spirit.

    When it's fundraising time for clubs, teams and associations, stickers make great small items for purchase, or thank-you gifts that come when people make larger donations. They may feel better about giving if they have a way to prominently display their support on their cars. It's always important to take every opportunity to promote and strengthen student organizations, and stickers are a great way to make that happen.

    No Shortage of Subject Matter

    When it comes to school decals, there are always many great choices for what to put on the designs. School mascots and logos make striking, colorful stickers and proud parents will be happy to apply them to a car bumper or back window. As long as you work with a printer that can deliver sharp, high-definition imagery, your designs will catch eyes and spread your message around the district and beyond.

    Beyond Car Use

    When you buy a print run of bumper stickers these days, it pays to think of them going well beyond cars. These are really multi-purpose stickers that can go anywhere, including students' folders or computers. They can be tacked up to bulletin boards or used to spruce up booths where fundraising is taking place. These self-adhesive stickers can be handed out at any time, and then what the recipients do with them is up to them. They'll surely find creative ways to show school spirit.

    Of course, the academic year is on its way, with the school bell only weeks from ringing. This doesn't mean it's too late to get in on making great stickers. It simply means that it's important to work with a partner such as Lightning Labels that can turn your idea into a real batch of stickers in a hurry. These fast, high-quality, labels, stickers and decals will help you boost school spirit and help your favorite clubs, teams, organizations and more have a great year.

  • Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

    Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

    Boosting Awareness with Custom Stickers

    Philanthropic companies tend to be a bit more successful in the brand management category than those that never embrace certain causes and charities, especially among the younger generation of consumers. As such, many firms have started to become more engaged in fundraising, charities and awareness events in the past few years than ever before, and some marketing techniques can help to boost the visibility of these initiatives more creatively.

    For example, leaders can begin to leverage custom stickers that are meant to not only help to position the brand alongside the charities and fundraising activities taking place, but raise awareness of those causes as well in one fell swoop. With the right approach to design, execution and distribution, these stickers can go a long way toward improving the overall image of the company and contribute more to the philanthropic activities taking place.

    Get on Board with Fundraising Stickers

    When participating in a fundraiser, your company might be doing a number of things to contribute the cause, including opening up your workplace to host participants, offering free products that you sell to donors, or simply putting cash into the pot. In any situation, fundraising stickers can be used to ensure that your name is remembered among participants, and that the cause makes it out of the physical event space following its completion.

    This might in fact be the best function of these custom stickers, in that creative ones will be posted on participants' walls, cars and otherwise, enhancing the pool of prospective followers and contributors for the next iteration of the event. If you are distributing some of your products to be used in the fundraising event, you might want to consider leveraging custom fundraising labels instead, as these will be better suited to packaged items.

    Either way, though, you will need to ensure that the design fits the motif of the fundraiser itself and your brand image, which can be accomplished by using the right custom label provider.

    Charity Labels

    With the holidays right around the corner, many companies will be embarking on plans to support charities that are either focused in their community, on the national circuit or active internationally. Beginning to distribute charity labels now can help to boost awareness ahead of the time when many Americans will be deciding upon which organizations to contribute to, which will likely begin in the beginning of November. Additionally, labels will last through the next few months to keep the name on the minds of recipients.

    As was the case with fundraising activities, businesses might want to consider designing and printing custom charity labels to ensure that they are touching upon the various requirements involved in these endeavors. Working with Lightning Labels, you will be able to establish your labels, stickers, decals and more optimally, then receive the shipments quickly to begin distributing on time for maximum exposure.

  • Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    The Importance of Fire Safety

    Fire Awareness Week runs from October 4 through October 10, and companies can ensure that they are observing this event properly by putting an extra effort into educating their employees and customers through engaging strategies. According to the National Fire Protection Association, billions of dollars are lost to fires in the United States annually, and the damages incurred relate back to a range of factors.

    The agency argued that $329 billion dollars in total losses were accrued in 2011 alone, and pointed out that this is more than 2 percent of gross domestic product in the United States. Efforts to raise awareness can go a long way toward reducing individual business and community risks of experiencing large damages from fires, and fire safety labels, stickers and decals can be a strong and affordable option when embarking upon these missions.

    Simple Path Toward Big Results

    One of the best ways to get the word out about this cause is to use fire safety stickers, as this will make it clear to every individual who sees a product that they need to understand what it takes to avoid damages and dangers associated with fires. Labels can range from being informative and educational to engaging and beyond, and it all depends on what companies wish to accomplish with these types of initiatives.

    For example, a firm that worries about fire safety among its own workforce members might want to offer various relevant pieces of advice in different fire safety decals. On the other hand, if there are any flammable risks associated with the products being sold and the firm wants to get the word out to its customers, fire safety labels that list the various hazards clearly on the product will be enough to make a difference.

    Additionally, companies can simply include information regarding where the viewer can find more guidance on fire safety, as well as data related to the awareness week taking place, right on the decals.

    Custom Fire Labels Work Best

    Should the firm want to take a bit more initiative in raising awareness regarding fire dangers and damages, it can use custom labels to ensure that is approach is unique compared to others'. This will be especially beneficial when leaders are trying to kill two birds with one stone - contributing to Fire Awareness Week as an event and positioning their brand as a leader that cares about the community around it.

    If this is the stance taken, design will be an important component, but cannot lessen the attention paid to accuracy of the information printed on the labels themselves. Working with a team, managers can assign various duties such as research, design, development and printing styles to each employee and get the job done a bit more quickly.

    Then, once the labels have been ironed out, leveraging a service provider such as Lightning Labels to get a quick turnaround on the orders will ensure that the business does not miss its goals.

  • UK Government Tests Energy-Efficient Sticker Labels for Appliances

    UK Government Partners with Home Appliance Retailer to Test Energy-Efficiency Sticker Labels

    British retailer John Lewis is partnering with the the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change to place sticker labels on appliances that detail items' lifetime energy costs. The product stickers are part of a pilot program aimed at encouraging consumers to take advantage of the cost savings energy-efficient products can provide.

    According to Express & Star, a news source that covers the U.K. Midlands region, Energy Secretary Edward Davey stated swapping an old washer dryer for an energy-efficient one could save households 500 pounds in lifetime energy costs as well as up to 158 pounds on energy bills.

    Customized Sticker Labels Aim to Spread Awareness of Financial Benefits of Energy-Saving Appliances
    In addition to listing the total number of kilowatt hours of energy an item uses, the customized sticker labels will list estimated lifecycle energy costs.

    "In the past, people have had no idea how much their appliances will add to their energy bills," Davey said, according to The Guardian. "Now consumers will be able to see clear, simple information on the lifetime electricity costs for appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers."

    Davey stated he hopes the initiative will encourage other retailers to begin labeling their products similarly, encouraging consumers to make energy consumption-conscious purchases.

  • Seattle Police Distribute Doritos with Product Stickers at Hempfest

    Cops Hand Out Doritos With Product Stickers to Increase Safe Marijuana Use Awareness

    At Hempfest, a Seattle festival that celebrates the legalization of marijuana, local police reportedly handed out bags of Doritos with product stickers explaining rules and restrictions that govern cannabis use in the city.

    Under Initiative 502, which was enacted in December, adults over the age of 21 can carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana for personal use, the Seattle Police Department blog stated. 

    The department recently launched "#OperationOrangeFinger," a campaign aimed at increasing awareness of local marijuana legislation. As part of the initiative, police handed out 1,000 Doritos bags featuring stickers that outline what is and isn't permitted under I-502.

    Police Get Creative with Custom Stickers on Snack Bags
    Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb told CNN the department chose the custom stickers because officials believed they'd be an effective choice for getting the message across.

    "We knew if we did leaflets, it would turn into litter," Whitcomb said. "We wanted people to be able to access the information. It's actually fun to read. We wanted to do it in a way that is deliberately ironic."

    The stickers included the do's and don'ts of using marijuana. They warned against driving under the influence or selling the drug to anyone under 21. The do's included listening to "Dark Side of the Moon" at a reasonable volume.

  • Advocates for Farm Workers Recommend Bilingual Product Warning Labels on Pesticides

    Bilingual Warning Labels May Reduce Harmful Pesticide Exposure

    Being able to read product warning labels may improve farmworker conditions and workplace safety, according to a recent study. California-based news source KQED reported a new study from Farmworker Justice identified the need to alter current pesticide labeling standards to include hazardous chemical information in Spanish. With farmworkers receiving less education about workplace safety, advocates stated that if pesticides carried warning labels, employees would be able to better protect themselves.

    Advocates Suggest Breaking the Language Barrier with Custom Product Labels 
    KQED reported bilingual custom product labels will allow workers to understand how to safely handle pesticides. Advocates like the Equitable Food Initiative are urging lawmakers to understand that not all workers understand English, but should still be protected. 

    Peter O'Driscoll, project manager for the Equitable Food Initiative, told the news source that proposed regulations at the federal level will take too long to come into effect, and workers need a solution now.

    "The whole point is to get the team on-site to own this obligation," O'Driscoll said.

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