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EPA Looks to Redesign Product Labels | Lightning Labels

EPA Looks to Redesign Product Labels

A New Design May Help Customers Make More Informed Decisions People rely heavily on product labels to make knowledgeable purchases, referencing the information on packages to receive information. Thus, it is crucial that labels present all the necessary data to ensure people can buy the right products for themselves.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment Safer Product Label is a common emblem that product manufacturers incorporate onto their labels to show potential buyers that all ingredients have been evaluated to ensure goods are safe to use or consume. However, the EPA has grown concerned that customers do not understand the significance of the emblem, and is looking to redesign the logo moving forward, Government Security News reported.

"We want consumers to be able to easily find safer products that work well," Jim Jones, assistant administrator for Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, told the news source. "The agency wants to hear from the American people on which designs will help people identify household cleaning and other products that are safer for families and the environment."

Transparency is Critical for Better Product Labels Product manufacturers typically include many claims on their custom labels, but it is crucial people understand what these different claims mean.

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