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Fake Safety Warning Labels Cause Trouble for U.S. Importer

Fake Safety Warning Labels Cause Trouble for U.S. Importer

Judge Fines Company for Counterfeit Safety Warning Labels 

A U.S. company recently lost a legal battle with the federal government over importing products with fake safety warning labels. According to the Wood Working Network, GuildMaster's company president plead guilty to using counterfeit safety Underwriters Laboratories certification labels on lamps produced in China. A total of 5,018 lamps had the fake certification. For faking the safety certificate, the company is now under a five-year term of probation.

To receive the UL certification, Wood Working Network reported the product must meet federal safety requirements and undergo a safety testing by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Only after meeting the official standards are manufacturers allows to place labels with the UL mark and words "Portable Luminaire."

Custom Product Labels Need to Follow Safety Guidelines According to Ozarks First, a Missouri-based news source, the custom product labels are essential for consumer safety.

Nathan Taylor, owner of a furniture company, told the news source the counterfeit UL label verdict is an important step to ensuring imported goods do not injure customers.

"Importing is a very challenging business because most other countries don't recognize and have the same standards of production as the United States does," Taylor said.

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