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Food Labeling for Heart Health | American Heart Month

Food Labeling for Heart Health | American Heart Month

Gain Consumer Trust with Food Labeling for Heart Health

February is American Heart Month, making this a perfect opportunity to emphasize food labeling for heart health. Brands can refresh design strategies for custom food labels and provide helpful information about heart disease and healthy lifestyle choices. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that about 1 in 4 deaths in the U.S. are related to heart disease. In addition, many individuals don't know that heart disease is actually the top killer of women in the U.S., according to Go Red for Women. Much of the time, heart health risks can be reduced by changing diet and adopting an exercise routine.

Provide Useful Information When Labeling Heart Healthy Food

Food and nutraceutical brands can both offer helpful tips when labeling heart healthy food. These tidbits can differ depending on the product. Nutraceutical items tend to accompany people to the gym, and are consumed directly preceding or following a workout. On these products, it could be helpful to give shoppers some suggestions for fitness regimens. The CDC indicates that taking a brisk walk for 10 minutes three times a day can help reduce the risk of heart problems. In addition, urge consumers to quit smoking and make other positive lifestyle changes. For food brands, it may be more beneficial to include diet tips on heart healthy custom labels and stickers. The American Heart Association website provides many resources for recipes, cooking, shopping and dieting. This is a good place to look for ideas. For instance, you can supply a guide for food substitutions that will make meals better for you without sacrificing flavor.

Use Healthy Food Labeling to Indicate Smart Choices

Companies that happen to make nutritional products can advertise this fact in healthy food labeling. Sometimes shoppers need help identifying the right products for a heart-healthy diet. Utilizing an icon that consistently symbolizes healthy choices can help guide consumers in the right direction. You can come up with your own design to alert consumers to a healthy food selection, or another option would be to contact the American Heart Association to learn how to get its symbol included on your label. The AHA certified Heart-Check mark has a positive impact on consumers. In one study, the icon increased sales by an average of 5 percent when the products were highlighted with a hang-tag promotion. Creating your own design for the best nutritional choices may also cause more purchases.

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