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Employee Profile | Erik Bugay | Lightning Labels

From skydiving to labels, Account Manager Erik Bugay lives for new experiences

Former beverage world specialist Erik Bugay joined Lightning Labels as an Account Manager in February 2021. As someone who seeks a fast pace and constant array of new experiences, he says he’s found working with the company a great learning experience.

“When I worked in the beverage world where we used labels, Lightning Labels stood out. I remember they sponsored something. I applied for a job because I was impressed with the company. Every day is different, nice and fresh. There’s not a lot of repetition, and there’s always more to learn. I enjoy seeing our labels in stores,” Erik notes.

He emphasizes that the company’s commitment to customer service is top of the list. “That’s one main reason for having dedicated account managers, instead of calling in to places where you get a random person” who may or may not address issues in a competent and complete way. He notes that there are always things coming up that need full and timely attention, and resolution. Having a dedicated account manager able to devote the time and resources necessary to get the right answers the first time is Job 1.

“There’s a family atmosphere here. Everyone gets along and supports each other. It has felt safe working here through the pandemic, and it’s comfortable,” Erik points out, adding, “And with all the uncertainties in the world, we’ve been pushing things through as normal. There have been no drawbacks or stoppages. They’re investing in growth. Lightning Labels is fully open for business.”

Erik points out that there’s much more to labels than meets the eye. “Having the product is the easiest thing. The hardest is proper labeling and packaging, even more than marketing. We’re dealing with a lot of first-timers. Their biggest surprise is all that actually goes into developing and printing the right label. Addressing artwork, the name, size, restrictions in selling, and such inclusions as UPC labels are all part of it. If I ever invent a product, I’ll know everything needed about labels because of all my dealings with customers,” he says.

When not throwing himself into his work, Erik enthusiastically pursues a variety of outdoor and travel pursuits, including snowboarding, auto and motorcycle racing, skydiving, camping, and long hikes. And, he owns two dogs. Born in South Korea near Seoul, he obviously has acclimated well to the Colorado lifestyle!

That includes working with a company based in Denver, CO.