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FTC Revises Requirements For Appliance Labels | Lightning Labels

FTC Revises Requirements For Appliance Labels

Agency Overhauls Energy Labels

It takes constant compliance to keep up with new requirements for product labels. With the way the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has historically operated, businesses have to keep an eye out for new regulatory changes, like the one the FTC recently issued in regard to appliance energy data labeling.

The agency recently announced it would require online retailers to post full label disclosure for energy performance on product websites. The FTC previously allowed businesses to include energy data in lieu of the full label physical retailers would have to display, but now requires them to post the label online starting January 2014.

The Energy Labeling Rule issued by the FTC will apply to refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and televisions, among others.

Proposed Rules Also Deal With Labels Along with the announcement requiring online labels, the FTC released a set of draft proposals it is seeking comment on in order to achieve better energy labels. Some of the proposals include creating labels for ice maker energy consumption and clothes washer capacity. It also asked for input on whether to retain electricity and gas cost rate information on television labels.

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