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    Customize Memorial Day Celebrations with Custom Stickers and Labels

    Hosting an Event? Use Custom Stickers and Labels for Visual Flash

    Memorial Day has two different personalities - it's a solemn remembrance of military members who have given their lives for their country and a time for friends and family to spend a fun spring weekend together. When you plan a party for Memorial Day weekend, whether for a large family group, town or company, you can fuse the themes of fun and patriotism with custom American flag stickers and labels.

    Different Types of Gatherings

    There's more than one way to spend Memorial Day, and a great weekend event can be organized by a town, sponsored by a company or simply set up for a reunion or family gathering. No matter what type of celebration you're thinking of, there's a case for custom decorations such as American flag stickers to give the whole thing a patriotic flair.

    • Organizers of parades, fairs or other major gatherings for Memorial Day weekend can use patriotic stickers of all shapes and sizes to decorate their parks and public spaces. Alternately, free stickers can be giveaways for members of the crowd, allowing them to show their spirit. Whether you work for the town itself or a company stepping in to help with the event, you can use American flag labels on items such as bottled water to add another festive dimension to the parade, picnic or fair. These labels can even have the town's name or seal along with the American flag motif to act as a symbol of local pride.

    • If you're working on a family reunion or group trip, you can still incorporate custom stickers and labels, either handing them out on their own or putting them on water bottles. It may seem that a family outing, even a sizable one, is too small to warrant custom labels. However, all-digital printers such as Lightning Labels offer low minimum order sizes, meaning there is an easy and affordable way to create the labels or stickers your group will love. Bottles or stickers can be taken home as souvenirs of a Memorial Day weekend spent in the company of loved ones.

    Celebrations Throughout the Year

    If you have a great experience using custom stickers at your Memorial Day event, the obvious next question is what other get-togethers could be livened up with custom labels on water bottles or bumper stickers to hand out to attendees. Sticking with the theme of patriotic stickers, Independence Day is only a few months away. States, cities and towns also have their own local commemorative days throughout the spring and summer months that could play host to a great picnic or parade. Working with Lightning Labels is so easy and rewarding that it's natural to imagine collaborating on more events throughout the year. Lightning Labels' domestic facilities and all-digital processes ensure remarkably short turnaround times and low minimum orders. This means that even with a holiday almost here, you can still commit to getting great patriotic stickers or labels. Celebrations with excellent, consistent looks are right around the corner.

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  • November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

    Celebrate Peanut Butter with Custom Food Labels

    There is a time in the calendar set aside to celebrate just about every food you can imagine, but November's a big one. It's National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. This versatile spread is great as part of a meal or snack, and is beloved by millions. If you produce either peanut butter or an item that goes well with it, this month is a great time to draw a little extra attention to your brand.

    Custom product labels will look great on the shelves, helping your offerings stand out from the many other varieties out there. The changes you make could even be the first step in a year-round rebrand that will add appeal in December and beyond.

    Multiple Ways to Draw the Eye

    What kinds of new elements can you add to product labels in addition to nutrition facts, your logo and some descriptive text? The most obvious element for National Peanut Butter Lovers Month is a shout-out to the event itself. A colorful reminder that November is set aside for the appreciation of peanut butter could convince shoppers that this is a great time to eat some. Since your brand is the one that gave the heads-up, chances are that's the jar the buyer will pick.

    Another option involves recipes. Putting a recipe on your brand's labels is a big opportunity to both celebrate the national event and give a highly practical suggestion. The path to purchase becomes clear: Consumers will see the recipe and decide that it sounds delicious - and to take it home, they'll buy your brand of peanut butter. This tactic even works if you don't make peanut butter. As long as your product can be prepared with peanut butter, you can tie it into National Peanut Butter Lovers Month and print the relevant recipe on the label.

    If your items have particularly interesting health benefits, the branding refresh that comes along with National Peanut Butter Lovers Month may also be a great chance to update nutritional labels and make sure shoppers know the advantages they may be getting from buying the items. Is your peanut butter a healthy alternative to other brands? Is it rich in protein? These are the kinds of benefits that can look good on a label.

    Lightning-Fast Orders

    Since November has already begun, you may believe it's too late to create a tie-in to National Peanut Butter Lovers Month this year. If you work with Lightning Labels, however, your window of opportunity is still open. Lightning Labels works with all-digital processes at domestic facilities that can turn your order around in a hurry - a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

    When your business' success depends on selling particular food products, it can pay to keep an eye on special events and possible promotional opportunities. Dedicated months are a unique sub-set of chances for cross-promotion. If peanut butter is your offering of choice, November is a great time to make an extra push.

  • July National Ice Cream Month

    Promote Your Ice Cream Products with Custom Labels This Summer

    Ice cream hardly needs a month to promote itself - it remains one of the iconic tastes of summer around the world. That said, every year it gets an extra push from the International Dairy Foods Association's National Ice Cream Month. Throughout July, customers and sellers alike will come together to celebrate their favorite frosty treats. How can you get in on this delicious event and use it to promote your products? One promising answer is to use custom ice cream labels. These can raise awareness of the month's theme while getting browsing customers hungry for ice cream.

    Time For A Promotional Push

    What kind of initiatives do you have planned for National Ice Cream Month? Whether you run a manufacturing operation, retail outlet or eatery, the event is a great chance to give frozen treats an extra push. Maybe a custom flavor of ice cream would be to customers' tastes, giving them a limited-time incentive to take part in the festivities. Good labeling can draw the eye to a special flavor, containing a reminder that this is National Ice Cream Month and now is the time to indulge.

    While ice cream may seem to be a product that needs little advertising - its deliciousness speaks for itself - customers won over during the theme month can become loyal shoppers for years to come. This means that manufacturers and sellers will want to make extra promotional efforts during July, with specialized packaging making a sale happen and the quality of the product drawing the buyer back for more in August and beyond.

    Companies should engage in these strategies no matter what their competitors do. If other brands skip National Ice Cream Month, those that do engage will stand out more. If those rivals do launch specialized campaigns for the event, brands that don't follow along may become far less visible by comparison. When there is a chance to tie into a national celebration of a signature product, manufacturers and sellers should take it.

    Durable Labels Needed

    Of course, promoting ice cream adds a little wrinkle to the process - standard labels won't last long on frozen cartons stored in cold temperatures. This is where custom durable labels prove their worth, providing the same eye-catching appeal without peeling off or dissolving in the tough conditions inside a freezer case. When the entire purpose of a month is to promote and sell ice cream, there is really no other option: Either brands turn to customized durable labels or, more than likely, they'll end up with disappointing results.

    When selecting a partner for National Ice Cream Month, manufacturers and retailers should consider Lightning Labels. Sporting a lineup of useful and appealing label materials that can work on a huge variety of surfaces, including cold freezers, Lightning Labels also lives up to its name with lightning-fast turnaround times. July has already begun, meaning leaders will have to take action right away - and with a quick, responsive partner - if they want to maximize their engagement with the event.

  • Leverage Custom Stickers for Easter

    EasterStickersMake Unique, Colorful Easter Stickers

    Easter is right around the corner, and represents a great time to get moving on spring-themed marketing and branding ventures given the jovial festivities taking place across the country. For Easter, the most popular items are likely those that are sweet, chocolaty and easy to carry around in a basket, and many distributors, manufacturers and retailers that deal in these products are already pushing colorful labels and stickers to make them stick out on the shelves.

    If you compete in these marketplaces, you will need to ensure that your labels and stickers are differentiated from those of your competitors, and that can be a tricky endeavor given the sheer saturation of the market. However, with custom stickers themed for Easter and reflective of the general brand image, you can indeed position your products for stronger sales in the coming days.

    Easter Labels

    Chances are the majority of companies that do craft a more Easter-themed product labeling strategy will stick to the simpler, more identifiable imagery involved in the holiday, such as rabbits and happy children. Consider stepping outside of the box in this, though, and finding a way to link the themes within Easter that are not as widely discussed to the core missions of your brand, then using customized stickers on the products to get the point across.

    Easter stickers should be festive and colorful, but other than those necessary design attributes, can be highly customized and transcendent. Additionally, if you are in the toy business and not candy or chocolate, you will have a similar opportunity to get your brand name into the households of your target prospects. Gifts are often exchanged on Easter Sunday, and if you make any type of craft product, toy or otherwise, you will be a good candidate for custom labeling strategies.

    In a Rush

    Companies that need to get their Easter labels printed and onto the products in a hurry should consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels, which is an industry leader in speed and accuracy. Remember too that your Easter labels will not be wasted should they not fly off the shelves on the holiday, especially if you make them colorful enough to last through the spring. Get moving on the custom designs now and you will likely enjoy a profitable spring season.

  • Prepare Now for Valentine's Day

    Prepare Now for Valentine's DayLovers Deserve the Care

    Valentine's Day is one of the first major retail events of the year, and is an exceptionally advantageous time for any company that produces chocolates, sweets, greeting cards, flowers or anything else romantic. Married couples, individuals who are dating and even men and women in the courting process will try to show their love for their significant others, and you can help them do so with the right Valentine's Day gift labels.

    Custom stickers can help to completely change the packaging of your products at a relatively low cost, thus allowing you to put a Valentine's Day theme on the items without breaking the bank. Since stores will soon be filled with pink and purple heart-laden products, now is the time to get rolling on your customized stickers for Valentine's Day.

    Plenty of Possibilities

    Now, the aforementioned obvious examples of Valentine's Day fare are far from the only ones, as candy, flowers, greeting cards and the like are often complements to other, bigger items. For example, if you make soap or other similar products that tend to be a bit more popular when gifts are being exchanged, consider using custom stickers for these ones as well.

    For manufacturers and distributors of goods that are popular throughout the year and a bit more highly valued than candy, the use of custom labels will help to avoid situations in which the whole packaging needs to be changed after the second week of February. You can also take an even more unique approach to brand packaging for Valentine's Day, potentially offering personalized candles, soaps and other items to maximize the aesthetic value of the products.

    At the end of the day, try to focus on what drives your core customer base to purchases, and align your packaging and marketing with their preferences this February.

    No Time to Wait

    Because you will be contending with so many other manufacturers for the attention of Valentine's Day customers, you should get moving on your designing procedures now and allow some time for revisions. Once the custom labels have been ironed out and agreed upon, though, you can partner with Lightning Labels to ensure speedy completion of orders and accurate printing of the desired designs.

    With the right custom and personalized labels and stickers on your products, you can get a healthy revenue boost this February 14.

  • New Year, New Custom Labels

    New Year, New Custom Labels

    The New Year Approaches

    Starting fresh can go a long way in business when the new year arrives, and one of the more straightforward ways to do so is to launch a new packaging and product labeling strategy. Leaders should be asking themselves if their products need a new look for 2016 and, if the answer is yes, look into fresh materials, colors and design schemes for their labels. Although it might not seem like a lot, a novel brand management strategy can go a long way toward pushing revenues higher in the coming months.

    This is not to say that the wheel should be entirely reinvented, as every brand needs to sustain some level of continuity over time, but rather that smaller changes can keep the company relevant and interesting among target markets. With the new year right around the corner, now would be a good time for enterprises to begin dreaming up fresh product packaging and labeling initiatives, working to ensure that their revenues hit the ground running in January.

    The Benefits of Custom Labels

    Custom stickers and labels will generally improve the image of products and brands in the marketplace, as so many consumer purchasing decisions are made in accordance with the aesthetic appeal of designs. When labels are black and white, and more standardized, the chances of separating the brand from others in the marketplace will be inherently lower, and this can be avoided through the use of customized and specialized labels.

    These items should be at once consistent with the general brand image and somewhat outside the boundaries of normal marketing efforts. When labels strike this balance, they will help to make products pop off the shelves and gain the attention of customers, then ensure that the brand is recognized by the purchaser or prospect. Taking this a step further, the same custom labels do not need to be used throughout the year, as this can get mundane as well.

    Rather, companies should consider aligning certain seasonal labels with big events that are sure to garner attention among consumers. For example, using new year's labels to wish customers well going into 2016 can make the brand a bit more personable and relevant.

    2016 Labels

    The economy has continued to improve for several years running, and companies stand to enjoy higher revenues and profit margins in 2016 thanks to increased consumer and corporate spending in the wake of the recovery. However, competition is also becoming a bit fiercer as time goes on, as improved conditions in various industries lead to increased saturation. This makes it more important than ever before to find unique marketing and brand strategies that differentiate one business from others.

    By leveraging 2016 labels that will be placed on products toward the end of this year and in January, enterprises can achieve this goal more seamlessly. Working with a reliable provider such as Lightning Labels can ensure that the stickers, decals and other packaging items are crafted properly.

  • Adorn Handmade Holiday Gifts with Festive Stickers


    Adorn Handmade Holiday Gifts with Festive Stickers

    Make Handmade Products Fly

    Relatively simple, mass-produced products will often have simple decals, stickers and labels on the packaging, and that is fine given the fact that these items are a dime a dozen, so to speak. However, if you produce handmade products and are looking to make some waves this holiday shopping season, you might want to consider looking into festive stickers that will ensure the aesthetic of your items' packaging shows the same care as what is inside.

    Holiday stickers can glam up your handmade products to boost their appeal on the shelves and the Web, all the while ensuring that the custom, carefully crafted items are consistently themed. Considering the fact that consumers are increasingly in favor of limited edition and handmade goods, this can be a boon to marketing efforts and branding initiatives, thus giving you a better chance at maximizing revenues in the busiest shopping season of the year.

    Design Considerations

    First and foremost, you will want to ensure that the stickers and labels used make it clear that the items have indeed been handmade. If you do not, customers might have no way of distinguishing between your products and the mass-produced ones that are next to them on the shelves. In addition to the designation of handmade crafting, you will also want to spruce up the labels a bit to reflect the festive spirit of the season, perhaps adorning them with Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah imagery.

    Custom holiday stickers can be used to get a bit more creative with the packaging on products, allowing you to knock several birds down with one stone. For example, you can promote the holiday shopping season, your brand and the fact that the product was handmade in one fell swoop with the right design on the stickers. Chances are this would be relatively difficult to achieve with a standard boilerplate label or sticker scheme, and custom options are available that will not break the bank.

    Get marketing and product management employees involved in the conception of these designs, and run them by the sales team to ensure that they are covering all of the bases intended.

    Hit the Ground Running

    Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all just around the corner, so the time to get moving on these projects is now. Customized holiday stickers will certainly take a little bit of time to design and conceptualize, but you can look to a reliable label service provider to ensure your orders are returned in time for the big shopping weekend.

    Lightning Labels offers a range of label, sticker and decal services, each of which can be customized to fit your specific needs and objectives, while turnarounds on orders are among the best in the industry. To ensure that your handmade products fly off the shelves in a few weeks and bring your brand up ahead of 2016, get moving on custom labels today.

  • Take Advantage of the Zodiac Signs to Personalize Your Products

    Take Advantage of the Zodiac Signs to Personalize Your Products

    Get Your Scorpio Custom Labels Today!

    Zodiac signs and astrology at large have become more popular among consumers in the past several decades, and many individuals will look over their horoscopes on a daily basis, trying to align their lives with the stars above. One of the more important drivers of brand recognition and stature involves capitalizing upon opportunities to spread the word and connect the company's image to hot trends, and personalized custom labels can be a great way to do this.

    Customization has become a critical aspect of marketing and product management in the past few years, and companies can take a range of approaches to get these projects underway and in motion. Personalized labels are perhaps among the more simplistic and quick methods of doing so, as the process does not require a complete reinvention of the products themselves, but rather puts a nice spin on the packaging customers see in the stores.

    Zodiac Labels at a Glance

    The trickiest part about incorporating Zodiac labels into a product management strategy will be the understanding of the target customers involved, as there are 12 signs that cover the entire year. However, the research and development aspects of these projects can represent exceptional opportunities to connect with customers even before the first label is printed, as companies can survey their marketplace and find out more about their target prospects.

    Most simply, custom Zodiac labels can be used on products that are specifically made for a certain customer, or even in situations where the company wants to show appreciation for an individual through the delivery of a free product. In fact, a common recognition and retention tool is to offer customers free goods on their birthdays, and incorporating a Zodiac-themed label on that item can go a long way toward boosting the relationship between the consumer and the business itself.

    This is not to say that business leaders cannot go another few steps into more advanced territories, though, as the glory of custom labels is that so many different objectives can be met with these marketing tools.

    Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

    Marketers and brand managers who have been around for a while know that, when it comes to sales and corporate stature in the marketplace, companies tend to get what they give. This is why taking unique approaches to relatively standard matters such as packaging labels can have a bigger impact on the bottom line than many firms might know, and customization with Zodiac symbols and other popular imagery can be just the ticket to boost revenues.

    However, with all of the work that will be done to iron out the strategy, business leaders will want to ensure that they choose a label service provider that can speedily deliver the products and get the printing done properly. Lightning Labels is a leader in this field, and can help you get more out of your custom Zodiac labeling strategies.

  • Glam Up Your Holiday Labels with Satin Cloth Material

    Glam Up Your Holiday Labels with Satin Cloth Material

    Who Says Labels Have to be Boring?

    Standard, boilerplate labels have long been in use by a range of organizations, including food industry competitors, retailers and manufacturers, and will generally include the bare minimum of information related to products. While this can certainly get the job done, and some brands might want to keep their messaging and packaging as simple as possible, others do not have to remain one-dimensional when approaching their product labeling strategies today.

    Rather, before the holidays kick in, some business leaders should go outside the norm and begin to label their products with a bit more pizzazz, helping to give them the best possible chance of maximum revenue and brand recognition. In these instances, they might want to think about using holiday labels made from various materials, including satin, to really separate themselves from competitors in their respective marketplaces.

    Adding a Tactile Edge

    Labels will tend to only target one of the average consumer's senses, and while sight is sometimes plenty, there is something to be said about adding to the feel of the items with a rewarding texture such as satin. Simply put, there are likely very few businesses that actually take this approach, and doing so can quickly improve the stature of a branded product on the shelves and in the hands of shoppers sifting through their various options in a given store.

    Custom holiday labels can be designed to also have a visual edge on the competition, but the tactile feel of more unique ones might just work to keep the brand and the products themselves in the minds of consumers for longer periods of time. Considering the fact that the busiest shopping days and weeks are right around the corner, now would be the best time to get moving on these projects and establishing the right balance for design and texture.

    Satin cloth labels will be better-suited to some products compared to others, including home goods and furnishings, clothing, special holiday food packaging and toys. On the other hand, virtually any product can be made more engaging when the company puts an extra effort into the marketing and placement of the products, and this can be quickly handled when working with the right label service provider.

    Customized Holiday Labels

    Now, some products will simply not have any different packaging or labeling when the holidays roll around, and this is a missed opportunity among manufacturers and retail firms given consumers' gravitation toward specialty items. What's more, if providers of similar products do indeed go above and beyond the call of duty with respect to their packaging and labeling, they will likely be more successful in terms of brand recognition, loyalty and revenue growth this holiday shopping season.

    Working with a specialized, reliable labeling service provider like Lightning Labels can help ensure that all of the effort put into these projects comes back with speedy and preferable returns both in November and beyond.

  • Capitalizing On Eat Better, Eat Together Month

    Capitalizing On Eat Better, Eat Together Month

    How Will You Observe Eat Better, Eat Together Month?

    Food manufacturers, growers and sellers have been given many opportunities to boost awareness about their brands throughout the year given the increase in days, weeks and months devoted to one delicacy or another. However, October might be the most advantageous of all, as it is in close proximity to November and December, which tend to be the busiest times of the year for all types of sellers, and recently became Eat Better, Eat Together Month.

    This particular event is meant to build awareness regarding the importance of not only eating healthy, but also sitting down for meals with the whole family to strengthen the ties between relatives. If you are involved in the food industry in one way or another, or simply want to position your brand alongside a good, well-known cause, you might want to consider leveraging specialized food labels in the coming days to get the word out before the event comes to a close.

    Why Custom Food Labels?

    Chances are you already have a plan in place for your general, everyday food labeling strategies that involves core components such as ingredients and nutritional values, as well as what makes your product better than the rest. However, when you are embracing a major event that takes place over only a short time, you will want to think outside of the box and go above and beyond the call of duty with respect to branded messages and packaging.

    Customized food labels will be a bit more personal, helping to draw a connection between your current and prospective clientele and your brand through engaging, thoughtful imagery and verbiage. When you successfully customize your food labels for Eat Better, Eat Together Month, you will ensure that this event, which will take place each year for the foreseeable future, is at once observed by more individuals and associated with your company.

    At the end of the day, health consciousness has been a major trend for years now, and failing to position your business with the general tenets of this movement can render the brand irrelevant or, at the very least, unpopular among the growing majority of consumers.

    Custom Food Stickers for Success

    Again, you should be looking for any opportunity to build awareness around your brand ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. After all, if consumers are ready to choose you over competitors when Thanksgiving comes around, you can be sure that your revenue will be strong in the fourth quarter, and that you will have a good start for 2016.

    Customizing food stickers and labels to ensure your products pop off the shelves in the various stores that sell the items can be a boon to your bottom line, and the time to get moving on these projects is now. By leveraging a service provider like Lightning Labels, you can rest assured that your labels and stickers will be ready to go more quickly.

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