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    Custom Spirit Sheets Soar at Sterling High School


    Sterling High School in Sterling, Colorado sought to enhance fundraising and more strongly brand its sports teams in the community. They wanted to emulate the success they’ve had with their baseball team statewide over the years, and custom spirit sheets (a.k.a. removable branded sticker sheets) were chosen to fit the bill. They used them for the first time starting March 2017.


    The customized spirit sheets promoted the Sterling Tigers baseball team, and then some. Notes Athletic Director and baseball team Head Coach Jeff Squier, “We achieved our fundraising objective with the spirit sheets. I think if I used this as our main fundraiser, it would be a big-time success. This happened to be our second fundraiser for kids who didn’t meet their goal with our other fundraiser. The quality of the product is great. There was a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the color and the number of different things you can put the stickers on.” Jeff adds, “As athletic director and head baseball coach as well as the husband to a college volleyball coach, I will continue to use the spirit sheets. I'd like to expand this to our other programs in the school and help us get our schedules out on the windows/doors of our community.”


    Jeff says he believes that continuing the spirit sheet program in Sterling will lead to growing expectations in the community each year. “If we can build that relationship with them, the people of Sterling will want to see them right away,” as the season approaches.

    Jeff emphasizes that ultimately the spirit sheets can become a mainstay of Sterling high school sports, and establish a firm fundraising footing for years to come.

    As far as his experience with Lightning Labels, Jeff also felt positive. “The support I received through the entire process was really nice. I got answers to questions either right away or they got back to me once they had an answer,” he points out. He adds that on-time delivery, good pricing, and high quality rounded out the positive experience.



    About Sterling High School

    Sterling High School in Sterling, CO is nationally recognized in the 2016 US News & World Report ranking, earning a bronze medal. Schools are ranked based on their performance on state-required tests and how well they prepare students for college.

    At Sterling High School, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Sterling High School is 29 percent. The student body makeup is 51 percent male and 49 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 31 percent. Sterling High School is 1 of 2 high schools in the School District No. Re-1, Valley.


    About Lightning Labels

    Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes. From small orders for individuals to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill custom label and sticker projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround for every customer's labeling needs. Whether it’s wine labels, food labels, bath and body labels, promotional labels—or any kind of colorful label/sticker that needs to be custom printed—Lightning Labels can get the job done. Lightning Labels strongly supports the use of environmentally-friendly printing materials and technologies.

    To learn more about Lightning Labels, visit, email, or call 1.800.544.6323 toll-free

    To learn more about Sterling High School, visit, or call 970-522-2944

  • Customize Memorial Day Celebrations with Custom Stickers and Labels

    Hosting an Event? Use Custom Stickers and Labels for Visual Flash

    Memorial Day has two different personalities - it's a solemn remembrance of military members who have given their lives for their country and a time for friends and family to spend a fun spring weekend together. When you plan a party for Memorial Day weekend, whether for a large family group, town or company, you can fuse the themes of fun and patriotism with custom American flag stickers and labels.

    Different Types of Gatherings

    There's more than one way to spend Memorial Day, and a great weekend event can be organized by a town, sponsored by a company or simply set up for a reunion or family gathering. No matter what type of celebration you're thinking of, there's a case for custom decorations such as American flag stickers to give the whole thing a patriotic flair.

    • Organizers of parades, fairs or other major gatherings for Memorial Day weekend can use patriotic stickers of all shapes and sizes to decorate their parks and public spaces. Alternately, free stickers can be giveaways for members of the crowd, allowing them to show their spirit. Whether you work for the town itself or a company stepping in to help with the event, you can use American flag labels on items such as bottled water to add another festive dimension to the parade, picnic or fair. These labels can even have the town's name or seal along with the American flag motif to act as a symbol of local pride.

    • If you're working on a family reunion or group trip, you can still incorporate custom stickers and labels, either handing them out on their own or putting them on water bottles. It may seem that a family outing, even a sizable one, is too small to warrant custom labels. However, all-digital printers such as Lightning Labels offer low minimum order sizes, meaning there is an easy and affordable way to create the labels or stickers your group will love. Bottles or stickers can be taken home as souvenirs of a Memorial Day weekend spent in the company of loved ones.

    Celebrations Throughout the Year

    If you have a great experience using custom stickers at your Memorial Day event, the obvious next question is what other get-togethers could be livened up with custom labels on water bottles or bumper stickers to hand out to attendees. Sticking with the theme of patriotic stickers, Independence Day is only a few months away. States, cities and towns also have their own local commemorative days throughout the spring and summer months that could play host to a great picnic or parade. Working with Lightning Labels is so easy and rewarding that it's natural to imagine collaborating on more events throughout the year. Lightning Labels' domestic facilities and all-digital processes ensure remarkably short turnaround times and low minimum orders. This means that even with a holiday almost here, you can still commit to getting great patriotic stickers or labels. Celebrations with excellent, consistent looks are right around the corner.

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  • Create Fun, 'Spooktacular' Stickers for Halloween

    Creepy or Cute, Fun or Frightening, Stickers are Great for Halloween

    Are you planning a party this Halloween? Do you have kids who are going trick-or-treating? Is your company planning to use the holiday as a chance to promote your offerings? If any of those situations apply, you've got a great opportunity to use custom Halloween stickers. These can be bold, colorful and perfectly in tune with the spirit of the holiday. High-quality digital printing can bring the orange and black look of Halloween to life, with classic spooky imagery adding fun to your party.

    Lots of Uses

    When you're wondering whether to order Halloween stickers this year, take a moment to think about the many surfaces crying out for the extra bit of flair that a tough, digitally printed sticker can impart. You can hand stickers out, stick them up in a business or classroom setting to get people excited about the season, or use them to turn year-round items into autumn specialties. Here are a few ways to make a statement with stickers:

    • Trick or treat bags: When kids come to your home in search of treats, why not hand out several candies at once, bagged up and sealed with a custom Halloween sticker? This adds some visual interest, and is more in tune with the spirit of the season than just handing out fun-size candy bars with no extra adornment. And when your own kids go out trick-or-treating, they can decorate their bags with the same fun stickers.
    • Party decorations: Teachers who plan to celebrate Halloween in their classrooms or members of office party planning committees, take note: Stickers are a great way to turn a normal room into a spooky space that's perfect for the season. Hand extra stickers out to guests, or tuck a few away for next year - it'll be here before you know it!
    • Seasonal retail: When your retail store or product brand has a possible connection to the season - for instance, if you produce or sell candy, a little change in packaging can get customers excited for ghosts, ghouls and all things scary. Halloween labels for relevant products or simply a few stickers on top of year-round packages can make a real difference and reach shoppers who love the holiday.

    Time to Order

    September is flying by, so you may be wondering whether it's too late to design and print good-looking and tough stickers for Halloween. If you work with Lightning Labels, the answer is an emphatic no. A combination of all-digital printing processes ensures that turnaround times are lightning-fast and quality is high. When you can get an order in days instead or weeks or months, it's possible to make any holiday more fun on short notice.

    Another advantage of all-digital printing processes is the financial ease of ordering small batches of stickers or labels. There are no engraved plates involved, so changes and personalization are possible, and there's no need for high minimum orders. This means that whether you're getting stickers for a business or your own party, there's an option that will suit you.

  • Are You Ready for Cinco de Mayo?

    Cinco de Mayo Approaches

    One of the more festive holidays of the year in the United States, Cinco de Mayo commemorates a critical battle victory for the Mexican military over that of the French all the way back in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War. Americans have taken to celebrating Mexican culture on the fifth of May each year, all the while partaking in general revelry and colorful parties across the nation.

    Whether you make craft beer, homemade treats or one of a multitude of other items, you can get creative with custom Cinco de Mayo stickers to align your products with this major event, celebrating Mexico's historic victory in the process. Because this holiday has become synonymous with delicious libations and foods, businesses operating in these arenas should certainly consider adjusting their marketing and product packaging programs to boost revenue.

    Cinco de Mayo Labels

    Because labels and stickers can be so easily added or removed to a product package, they are especially well-suited to these types of short-term projects. For example, if you create craft beer stickers for Cinco de Mayo, the holiday passes and all of the products have not been sold, you can simply change them out for the next major event. However, with the right designs and imagery, beer labels and stickers for other products can indeed propel sales of your products on this holiday.

    First, remember that many manufacturers and other competitors in the space will likely be trying their own hands at developing and deploying a specialized marketing program for Cinco de Mayo. This means that you will need to really think outside of the box, finding ways to at once align the labels and stickers with your brand and the event itself while differentiating your company's general appeal from others'.

    Simply printing a sticker that says "Happy Cinco de Mayo" and calling it a day might have a slightly positive impact on sales, but not nearly as much as highly customized and uniquely designed ones. Get your marketing team on the job, encouraging them to experiment with different themes and imagery not yet common on the shelves, while also ensuring that they include the messages desired, such as the brand's strengths and the holiday's importance.

    In a Crunch

    With Cinco de Mayo right on the horizon, the time is now to get moving on marketing and product packaging initiatives for the event, and some businesses will need an extremely quick turnaround on their orders to get the labels onto packages in time. Lightning Labels offers a range of custom label and sticker services to businesses of all kinds, and is an industry leader with respect to its speed of order fulfillment.

    By working with Lightning Labels, you can rest assured that your labels and stickers will be printed accurately, delivered in a timely fashion and prepared to draw plenty of eyes on the shelves. Good luck with your strategy, and happy Cinco de Mayo!

  • Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Labels

    Leveraging Eco-Friendly Solutions and Materials for Product Labeling 
    Today is Earth Day, a time when individuals and businesses across the globe take a moment to appreciate and celebrate our beautiful planet. And one of the best ways to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility is by increasing eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives.

    Using recyclable materials for product packaging and labeling has been an effective marketing tool for companies across all industries. But the advantages of businesses utilizing "green" practices extend far beyond appealing to consumers. Doing so can not only lead to cost-saving opportunities for companies, but it can also result in a reduced carbon footprint and an overall, safer, healthier environment.

    Yahoo! Beauty Senior Writer Beth Greenfield recently highlighted the importance of personal care product makers adhering to earth-friendly policies and trustworthy practices on their labels. One way to do this is by ridding the item of any harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals, thereby making sure that any "green" or environmental health claims made on the package are entirely accurate. But it is not just what is printed on the label that matters, but how it was made in the first place.  

    This is why sellers looking to enhance the quality and eco-friendliness of their products are encouraged to switch to digital print providers that offer renewable materials for custom stickers and labels.

    Sustainable Packaging Solutions 
    Of course, the type of green label that is best to use will depend on the type of good being sold. For example, there are certain items that are specifically designed to be water-resistant, making them the perfect solution for wine, beverages and some personal care products, such as shampoos and conditioners. Below are some of high-quality eco-label choices for sellers looking to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

    • Biostone Labels: This option is made using stone, rather than trees, and fully biodegradable and compostable. And while it has great adhesive properties for ink, it should not be laminated.
    • Earthfirst Polylactic Acid Labels: A more sustainable alternative to White BOPP labels is the White Earthfirst PLA. The biopolymer in this version is constructed from corn instead of petrochemicals. And although it is made from different materials than the traditional BOPP adhesives, it is hard to tell the difference. Because it is both water- and oil-resistant, it can be used for a wide range of label and sticker applications (with the exception of candles).
    • Kraft Labels: Manufactured from post-consumer waste and 100 percent recycled materials, this alternative is categorized as #55 paper and possesses an organic look. The distinct, natural appearance makes it appealing to consumers looking specifically for eco-friendly products. It also should not be laminated, nor is it water- or oil-resistant. Therefore, it is most suitable for paper-based packaging and goods. 

    Using stickers and labels that are eco-friendly adds a layer of quality to an organization. If a seller is unfamiliar with the material options, or has never used them on any of its products or goods, it is highly recommended that that organization work with a digital custom print provider that allows clients to get a free sample of them to test ahead of time.

    Creating EcoLabels to Communicate a Company's Values
    In a recent article for Packaging News, Waqas Qureshi pointed out that it is imperative for companies to consider whether or not the labels used on products accurately reflect the values of the brand. If not, organizations are missing out on the opportunity to appeal to target audiences using clear communication strategies. As we mentioned, there is a way to attract consumers looking for items that have environmentally-verified stamps on the labels.

    But to take the environmental responsibility to the next level, businesses should reassess their process and what materials are used to produce the packaging and labeling adhesives in the first place.

    There is no shortage of ways in which an organization can improve its energy efficiency and sustainability efforts. And what better time to accelerate such initiatives than Earth Day? Every step taken to reduce energy consumption and switch to more renewable and recyclable sources of materials can make a considerable difference - both for a company's success and the safety of our planet.

  • Leverage Custom Stickers for Easter

    EasterStickersMake Unique, Colorful Easter Stickers

    Easter is right around the corner, and represents a great time to get moving on spring-themed marketing and branding ventures given the jovial festivities taking place across the country. For Easter, the most popular items are likely those that are sweet, chocolaty and easy to carry around in a basket, and many distributors, manufacturers and retailers that deal in these products are already pushing colorful labels and stickers to make them stick out on the shelves.

    If you compete in these marketplaces, you will need to ensure that your labels and stickers are differentiated from those of your competitors, and that can be a tricky endeavor given the sheer saturation of the market. However, with custom stickers themed for Easter and reflective of the general brand image, you can indeed position your products for stronger sales in the coming days.

    Easter Labels

    Chances are the majority of companies that do craft a more Easter-themed product labeling strategy will stick to the simpler, more identifiable imagery involved in the holiday, such as rabbits and happy children. Consider stepping outside of the box in this, though, and finding a way to link the themes within Easter that are not as widely discussed to the core missions of your brand, then using customized stickers on the products to get the point across.

    Easter stickers should be festive and colorful, but other than those necessary design attributes, can be highly customized and transcendent. Additionally, if you are in the toy business and not candy or chocolate, you will have a similar opportunity to get your brand name into the households of your target prospects. Gifts are often exchanged on Easter Sunday, and if you make any type of craft product, toy or otherwise, you will be a good candidate for custom labeling strategies.

    In a Rush

    Companies that need to get their Easter labels printed and onto the products in a hurry should consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels, which is an industry leader in speed and accuracy. Remember too that your Easter labels will not be wasted should they not fly off the shelves on the holiday, especially if you make them colorful enough to last through the spring. Get moving on the custom designs now and you will likely enjoy a profitable spring season.

  • Make St. Patrick's Day Count with Custom Stickers

    StPatricksDayNothing Better than Shamrock Stickers for St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day is a beloved holiday in the United States, despite tracing its origins back to ye olde country of Ireland. It is a colorful time in which many cities will host massive parades, revelers will line the streets and fill the pubs, and adorn themselves with virtually anything green and sparkly. This presents firms with a unique opportunity to get the word out about their brands through the development and distribution of stickers for St. Patrick's Day.

    For obvious reasons, shamrock stickers are likely to be the most successful in terms of individuals actually accepting the items and wearing them on their clothing or placing them on cars, backpacks and other possessions. St. Patrick's Day takes place on Thursday, March 17, giving you only a few weeks to get the designs ready and printed for release ahead of the big event.

    Don't Be Too Brand-Focused

    While it might seem counterintuitive to really focus on the holiday rather than your business when approaching branded materials, St. Patrick's Day is not necessarily the time to launch a raw marketing campaign. Even the companies that have the most demand during this holiday - such as Guinness and any manufacturer of corned beef and cabbage - tend to produce ads that are mostly focused on St. Patrick's Day with a relatively small plug of their brand somewhere in the content.

    You should consider following in their footsteps this March, creating stickers, labels and other branded materials that are mostly composed of celebratory content and imagery, then placing the name of your company somewhat inconspicuously. This will ensure that the items actually get put to use in circulation. The goal of the project should simply be to align your business with the holiday, but St. Patrick's Day has to come first for this to be effective.

    St. Patrick's Day Stickers in a Rush

    Again, the holiday is rapidly approaching, and you will likely need at least a little time to map our the strategy with respect to design and distribution. Once prepared, though, consider leveraging Lightning Labels for all of your St. Patrick's Day sticker needs, as this firm has an industry-leading track record with respect to turnaround times on orders and accuracy of the printed materials.

  • Bumper Stickers Now Available at Lightning Labels

    BumperStickersBumper Stickers for Marketing Success

    In the world of branding, companies that find ways to get their names into the minds of their target prospects in creative fashions will tend to be the most successful, and this demands a certain level of channel diversification. Internet marketing has certainly been a revolutionary and transformative trend, but studies indicate that the average consumer is still turning to somewhat traditional mediums to find businesses from which they will purchase products and services.

    When it comes to the physical environments and battlegrounds associated with brand competition, billboards and bumper stickers might be the most prolific and effective, as they will be seen by a high volume of prospects when properly placed. Custom bumper stickers can be used for a range of purposes, including customer engagement among those who put them on their cars and visibility building for those who see the labels on fellow commuters' vehicles.

    Now Available from Lightning Labels

    Lightning Labels, a provider of custom labels for food and beverage products, health and beauty products and more, is now offering customized bumper stickers, which can be used to get the word out about brands quickly. Think about it this way - politicians need not be the only ones to distribute these marketing materials to followers and supporters, as evidenced by the growing rate of companies taking this unique approach to marketing.

    Now, this does not mean that a business can simply put its name on a black and white bumper sticker, distribute the item widely and expect customers to put them on their cars or passersby to even notice them. Rather, the stickers have to pop and align with the general brand messages and images that have been developed through other advertising efforts, and this is why Lightning Labels can be a boon to such projects.

    Customers who want stickers for car bumpers and the like will only be likely to paste them on when the label has a little pizzazz, especially considering how much the average American loves their automobile's aesthetic appeal. By looking to Lightning Labels for support in these efforts, businesses can ensure that all of the work they put into design will be well worth it, as the labels will be vibrant full-color bumper stickers on premium white vinyl material in the four most-popular sizes to guide designs in the right direction.

    Separating the Brand from Competitors

    Again, this is not the most popular approach to branding, but that is why is can be so effective for such a wide range of businesses, as those firms that think outside of the box and take a unique approach to their marketing strategies will tend to stick out from the crowd. Empowered with services that expedite custom bumper sticker products and focus on quality of completion, this new method of getting the company's name out into the open can come back with impressive returns.

  • Create Fun, Vibrant Stickers for Mardi Gras

    Create Fun, Vibrant Stickers for Mardi GrasMardi Gras Is This February 9

    There is perhaps no holiday in the United States more colorful and vibrant than Mardi Gras, especially when one is celebrating this day in the iconic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Individuals from across the country tend to flock to the Mardi Gras hub each year, while populations in other regions and state will also hold their own events to recognize the event. As a business owner, you can view this as an opportunity to create some fresh, timely marketing collateral.

    And since this holiday brings so many people out into the streets, what better way to do so than create custom Mardi Gras stickers to give out to your customers on the day? This strategy can help you to align your brand image with one of the more beloved holidays of the year in the United States, all the while celebrating your customers who are engaged with the festivities on an annual basis.

    Colorful Stickers are a Must

    Black and white or muted colors are essentially off limits for these types of stickers, at least if you want to match the aesthetic nature of this particular event. Rather, consider using vibrant stickers that evoke the same types of excitement, joy and merriment as the holiday itself, as these items will be much more likely to catch the eyes of revelers in the streets and the stores.

    If you produce candy or similar items, you might want to be especially quick to get custom stickers in color printed, as these will be hot products before and during Mardi Gras. After all, one of the other names for this holiday is Fat Tuesday, and this marks the day before a large portion of Americans will put their favorite junk food away for a few months.

    However, if you do not produce, manufacture, sell or distribute goods, this does not mean that you have to balk at the opportunities involved in Mardi Gras. Rather, use custom labels and stickers to celebrate your customers who observe the holiday, and hand them out.

    Get Moving Now

    Mardi Gras is rapidly approaching, and you might think that it is too close for you to actually get a custom label project planned out and into motion. However, if you do put the work in quickly to get the designs ready, consider ordering the stickers from Lightning Labels, which is a leader in its field in terms of order fulfillment timeliness and accuracy. With Lightning Labels, you can rest assured that the stickers will be printed and available for use ahead of the big day.

    Because this holiday takes place at the beginning of the year, it is an exceptional opportunity to get the word out about your brand early on, building your customer base for the coming months. With the right designs and printer, your Mardi Gras can be a profitable one this year.

  • Order Custom Stickers to Celebrate National Sticker Day!

    Order Custom Stickers to Celebrate National Sticker Day!


    January 13 is National Sticker Day

    Who doesn't like a good sticker? Whether it is meant to display a political leaning via a bumper sticker, or show support of a cause on a backpack or other accessory, a well-designed sticker can be a great way to spice up a range of items. Since January 13 is National Sticker Day, the time is now to get moving on projects related to custom stickers that will be distributed to consumers and others ahead of the event, thus boosting brand awareness in the process.

    Aligning the brand with major events - especially those that give clear and definitive opportunities to get the image of a company out into the public - should always be a point of focus for marketers, sales teams and project managers. With customized stickers that have catchy designs, a mention of National Sticker Day and some tie-in to the targeted product, businesses can achieve that desirable alignment on January 13.

    Custom Product Stickers

    Many organizations already have extensive product packaging and marketing strategies in place that bring together stickers, labels and more, but some will not go the extra step to personalize and customize their items. With outdated, stale or less-than-interesting designs, chances are that these projects will simply not come back with the returns and outcomes business leaders expect from their investments of time and money.

    For National Sticker Day, marketers can think outside the box a bit, not necessarily only focusing their efforts on the creation and implementation of custom product stickers, but rather ones that will get a bit more visibility in more areas. This is not to say that custom stickers are not a good idea for all products on the shelves, but rather that this particular event will be most advantageous when the branding items are distributed to many customers.

    Alternative Ideas

    For National Sticker Day, companies can consider using the opportunity and exposure to align their brands with specific philanthropic activities or nonprofits with which they associate throughout the year. This can serve the dual purpose of getting the word out about the brand and the cause, while using the event as a platform of sorts to expand visibility and the corporate footprint.

    By using Lightning Labels for custom sticker needs, orders will be printed accurately and delivered lightning fast!

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