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    Prepare for St. Patrick's Day with Custom Shamrock Labels, Beer Labels and More

    When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, there's plenty of imagery for brands to latch onto. Custom St. Patrick's Day shamrock labels can draw eyes during the early days of March, and hopefully some of those shoppers will stick with the brand year-round.

    If your product is craft beer, custom shamrock labels can be a great way to position your brand as the pint of choice for St. Patrick's Day parties. Making the decision to go with a bold labeling strategy can help your items stand out against competing brands that don't vary their look for the holiday.

    Branding with Custom Shamrock Stickers and Labels

    There are a few ways to bring St.

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  • Custom Spirit Sheets Soar at Sterling High School


    Sterling High School in Sterling, Colorado sought to enhance fundraising and more strongly brand its sports teams in the community. They wanted to emulate the success they’ve had with their baseball team statewide over the years, and custom spirit sheets (a.k.a. removable branded sticker sheets) were chosen to fit the bill. They used them for the first time starting March 2017.


    The customized spirit sheets promoted the Sterling Tigers baseball team, and then some. Notes Athletic Director and baseball team Head Coach Jeff Squier, “We achieved our fundraising objective with the spirit sheet

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  • Customize Memorial Day Celebrations with Custom Stickers and Labels

    Hosting an Event? Use Custom Stickers and Labels for Visual Flash

    Memorial Day has two different personalities - it's a solemn remembrance of military members who have given their lives for their country and a time for friends and family to spend a fun spring weekend together. When you plan a party for Memorial Day weekend, whether for a large family group, town or company, you can fuse the themes of fun and patriotism with custom American flag stickers and labels.

    Different Types of Gatherings

    There's more than one way to spend Memorial Day, and a great weekend event can be organized by a town, sponsored by a company or simply set up for a reunion or family gathering.

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  • Create Fun, 'Spooktacular' Stickers for Halloween

    Creepy or Cute, Fun or Frightening, Stickers are Great for Halloween

    Are you planning a party this Halloween? Do you have kids who are going trick-or-treating? Is your company planning to use the holiday as a chance to promote your offerings? If any of those situations apply, you've got a great opportunity to use custom Halloween stickers. These can be bold, colorful and perfectly in tune with the spirit of the holiday. High-quality digital printing can bring the orange and black look of Halloween to life, with classic spooky imagery adding fun to your party.

    Lots of Uses

    When you're wondering whether to order Halloween stickers this year, take a moment to think about the many surfaces crying out for the extra bit of flair that a tough, digitally printed sticker can impart.

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  • Are You Ready for Cinco de Mayo?

    Cinco de Mayo Approaches

    One of the more festive holidays of the year in the United States, Cinco de Mayo commemorates a critical battle victory for the Mexican military over that of the French all the way back in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War. Americans have taken to celebrating Mexican culture on the fifth of May each year, all the while partaking in general revelry and colorful parties across the nation.

    Whether you make craft beer, homemade treats or one of a multitude of other items, you can get creative with custom Cinco de Mayo stickers to align your products with this major event, celebrating Mexico's historic victory in the process.

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  • Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Labels

    Leveraging Eco-Friendly Solutions and Materials for Product Labeling 
    Today is Earth Day, a time when individuals and businesses across the globe take a moment to appreciate and celebrate our beautiful planet. And one of the best ways to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility is by increasing eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives.

    Using recyclable materials for product packaging and labeling has been an effective marketing tool for companies across all industries. But the advantages of businesses utilizing "green" practices extend far beyond appealing to consumers. Doing so can not only lead to cost-saving opportunities for companies, but it can also result in a reduced carbon footprint and an overall, safer, healthier environment

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  • Leverage Custom Stickers for Easter

    EasterStickersMake Unique, Colorful Easter Stickers

    Easter is right around the corner, and represents a great time to get moving on spring-themed marketing and branding ventures given the jovial festivities taking place across the country. For Easter, the most popular items are likely those that are sweet, chocolaty and easy to carry around in a basket, and many distributors, manufacturers and retailers that deal in these products are already pushing colorful labels and stickers to make them stick out on the shelves.

    If you compete in these marketplaces, you will need to ensure that your labels and stickers are differentiated from those of your competitors, and that can be a tricky endeavor given the sheer saturation of the market.

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  • Make St. Patrick's Day Count with Custom Stickers

    StPatricksDayNothing Better than Shamrock Stickers for St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day is a beloved holiday in the United States, despite tracing its origins back to ye olde country of Ireland. It is a colorful time in which many cities will host massive parades, revelers will line the streets and fill the pubs, and adorn themselves with virtually anything green and sparkly. This presents firms with a unique opportunity to get the word out about their brands through the development and distribution of stickers for St. Patrick's Day.

    For obvious reasons, shamrock stickers are likely to be the most successful in terms of individuals actually accepting the items and wearing them on their clothing or placing them on cars, backpacks and other possessions.

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  • Bumper Stickers Now Available at Lightning Labels

    BumperStickersBumper Stickers for Marketing Success

    In the world of branding, companies that find ways to get their names into the minds of their target prospects in creative fashions will tend to be the most successful, and this demands a certain level of channel diversification. Internet marketing has certainly been a revolutionary and transformative trend, but studies indicate that the average consumer is still turning to somewhat traditional mediums to find businesses from which they will purchase products and services.

    When it comes to the physical environments and battlegrounds associated with brand competition, billboards and bumper stickers might be the most prolific and effective, as they will be seen by a high volume of prospects when properly placed.

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  • Create Fun, Vibrant Stickers for Mardi Gras

    Create Fun, Vibrant Stickers for Mardi GrasMardi Gras Is This February 9

    There is perhaps no holiday in the United States more colorful and vibrant than Mardi Gras, especially when one is celebrating this day in the iconic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Individuals from across the country tend to flock to the Mardi Gras hub each year, while populations in other regions and state will also hold their own events to recognize the event. As a business owner, you can view this as an opportunity to create some fresh, timely marketing collateral.

    And since this holiday brings so many people out into the streets, what better way to do so than create custom Mardi Gras stickers to give out to your customers on the day? This strategy can help you to align your brand image with one of the more beloved holidays of the year in the United States, all the while celebrating your customers who are engaged with the festivities on an annual basis.

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