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The Future of Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging

The Future of Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging

Sustainable product packaging matters to consumers - which means it also matters to companies. Big firms have committed to using earth-friendly materials and set themselves comparatively short timelines for these initiatives. Your business can follow the lead of these large organizations and offer up items in fully recyclable packaging, or labeled using post-consumer materials.

Giants Commit to Change

Recent announcements by Anheuser Busch InBev and Nestle both name 2025 as the year by which they will achieve aggressive sustainability targets. These organizations are interested in changing the way they manufacture and package their products, and they are making public commitments to their supply chain goals and targets.

Your business can move toward sustainability goals much faster than the aforementioned global corporations. Recycling product packaging is an achievable objective when you work with a partner such as Lightning Labels. Responsible and green label sourcing can become a selling point. Modern consumers may be especially excited to buy from businesses committed to making a positive difference.

Many Options Available

When you decide to purchase sustainable packaging from Lightning Labels, you aren't locked into one type of material. From an earth-friendly polymer made without petrochemicals to BioStone, made from stone instead of plastic, Lightning offers multiple options. Our Kraft and Vellum recycled labels use 100 percent post-consumer materials, allowing you to appeal to conscientious consumers.

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