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Marijuana Bar Code Labels & Cannabis Labeling: Best practices in California

Marijuana Bar Code Labels & Cannabis Labeling: Best practices in California

If you're interested in beginning a recreational marijuana business and diving into this expanding industry, you must understand the regulations in the state where you'll operate. Packaging is one such heavily legislated element, and specialized cannabis bar code labels may be required for easy tracking purposes. California is set to introduce such a system alongside legalized recreational sales.

Careful Tracking

According to the San Jose Mercury News, cannabis tracking labels will follow California plants from growth to their use in products. The state intends to create a closed system in which cannabis stays in California, thus skirting federal laws that haven't legalized marijuana sales. Plants are scanned at many steps in production and distribution to make sure they're accounted for.

The government's system, set to debut in July, may challenge distributors. The Mercury News reported there is still uncertainty around the way products made from multiple plants should be tagged. You should not only be prepared to create marijuana bar code labels, but also stay attentive to any changes that affect the law.

Comprehensive Packaging Design

The use of marijuana bar code tracking labels isn't the only important regulatory compliance effort to pursue in California. The state's Department of Public Health also maintains a two-panel system of contents and ingredient information. Furthermore, labels must be carefully designed not to appeal to children. The rules may evolve further as legalization comes into effect.

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