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Green Packaging Practices: 4 Sustainable Product Label Materials

Green Packaging Practices: 4 Sustainable Product Label Materials

time-to-go-greenUse Green Packaging Practices to Communicate Earth-Friendly Missions

When you make environmentally friendly products, it's important to support these efforts with green packaging practices. To help companies with green missions achieve their goals, Lightning Labels has four different sustainable materials for eco-friendly labels: EarthFirst PLA, Recycled Kraft, Recycled Vellum and BioStone. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, now is the ideal time for brands to try out a new labeling strategy to prepare. Changing labels can get shoppers' attention, and green labels are a good way to promote environmentally sound practices. When you use an eco-friendly option from Lightning Labels, you can include a note about packaging on the label to inform customers that they are making a smart choice.

EarthFirst PLA and BioStone are Sustainable Product Labels

Lightning Labels offers several options for sustainable product labels. Made from stone rather than trees, BioStone is the most ecologically friendly of Lightning Labels' materials. This label base is fully compostable and biodegradable, which makes it perfect for composting, an attribute that will appeal to many consumers. It also has good ink adhesion, so you won't have to compromise on appearance.

Lightning labels was one of the first digital printers in the U.S. to offer the option of EarthFirst PLA, which looks like the popular white BOPP material. The appearance is similar enough that many can't tell the difference. However, EarthFirst is made from corn instead of petroleum.

Try Kraft or Vellum for Recycled Labeling Materials

Lightning labels also provides excellent recycled labeling materials, such as Kraft and Vellum. Both are made completely from post-consumer waste, making them a very sustainable option for labeling. They are also suitable for machine application. Vellum is a white material that creates an excellent base for most labeling strategies. The Kraft material creates an earthy, organic look that will be appealing to many consumers who are concerned about the environment. A label like this can automatically signal to customers that your brand supports green practices.

With Lightning Labels' high-quality selection of eco-friendly labels, any company should be able to find a packaging strategy that reflects its brand. From an earthy appearance to a label that no one would even guess was recycled, Lightning Labels can help companies select the right materials for each product. Green labels send a message that companies are truly committed to sustainable practices.

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