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Your Guide To Custom Jar Labels - Lightning Labels Blog

Guide To Custom Jar Labeling

Jars for jams, preserves and jellies leave plenty of room for creative branding, whether it's on a full-size label wrapping around the jar or a more limited label on the lid. Whether canning is your hobby or your company's source of income, there is space to create informative and visually stimulating works of art on your labels.

Depending on your product and its intended audience, you can try one of several different approaches to creating custom jar labels. The information printed on these labels is the major source of connection between you and the people who will take your products home. There's a lot you can tell them about the items, even given the small dimensions of a mason jar.

What Makes A Great Jar Label?

There is no guaranteed best formula for what to print on jar and canning labels. The following are a few possible elements that may spice up your designs and make people more inclined to check out the products inside. These are in addition to required info such as ingredients and potential allergy warnings - you'll have to work with a high-quality label provider to ensure there is space for necessary and optional elements alike.

  • Recipes: If your jams, preserves or sauces make a great part of a delicious recipe, why not say so on the label? If you give the full directions, it's a great incentive for people to pick your brand in particular instead of a similar competitor. This option is probably best for brands that have full labels wrapped around their jars instead of just sticking labels on the lids.
  • Regional imagery: If your product is made from fresh fruit, you can emphasize the place where that ingredient comes from. People may react more strongly to a fruit item if they can catch a glimpse of the orchard or grove where it came from.
  • Contact information: Brands thrive online today - if your company allows customers to buy online, why not print your website address, Twitter/Facebook handle, or other social media information on your jar labels? If you make this info easy to find, it could convince one-time farmer's market shoppers to come back for more and find you on the web.

For Growers on any Scale

No matter the size of your operation - whether you're turning out jars by the thousands or only making 50 a year to give to friends - custom jar labels can make your items look more interesting and exciting. Digital-only printers such as Lightning Labels support low minimum order sizes, so you won't have to stretch beyond your needs, whatever they may be.

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