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Honey Labels More Than a Term of Endearment | Lightning Labels

Honey Labels More Than a Term of Endearment 

Label Printing Updates for Liquid and Comb Honey Products

According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), there are two label printing guidelines based on the type of honey produced. Liquid and comb honey must adhere to the following label guidelines, which accurately display the following:

  • Product identity
  • Complete list of ingredients in order of weight
  • The presence of artificial colors
  • Net quantity of contents
  • Metric equivalent (only sometimes required)
  • U.S. grade

The MDA also recommends that producers and manufacturers do not make any sort of health claims during the label printing because these claims have special requirements under nutritional labeling standards.

Contact Information Must be Present on Honey Labels

All honey producers must include contact information on the product label, reports The manufacturer's name and address is required to appear on the product's front-facing label, added the source. This way, consumers can contact the honey manufacturer with questions and concerns regarding the product. All contact information must be legible and printed no smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch for reading purposes.

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