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Make Hot BBQ Sauce Labels for Summer Sales

Make Hot BBQ Sauce Labels for Summer Sales

BBQ Sauce Labels Are the Finishing Touch on Packaging

When it comes to the cookout, the sauce is the most important thing to many consumers, which is why you need to put extra effort into BBQ sauce labels. Americans don't need a whole lot of convincing to head outdoors as soon as the weather is appropriate. They've got the meat, vegetables, grill and sunshine. Now all shoppers need is the right barbecue sauce to make the experience just right. If you've been to the grocery store lately and taken a look at the shelves, you know there's often a lot of competition where BBQ sauce is concerned. If you don't stand out, they may pass right by your products and on to a competitor's. To keep up with the competition, you could try something new with BBQ sauce labels, like using a metallic label or other bright colors.

Target Different Markets Using Custom Labels for Bottles

Since so many people will be grilling out this month, it may be useful to consider different markets when designing custom labels for bottles. Some consumers are interested in unique flavor profiles and a more artisanal approach to cooking. These shoppers will want to try new things, so let your creativity run wild. Come up with clever or unique labeling techniques that are different from surrounding items. Include recipe ideas and fun copy that demonstrates the culture of your brand.

Other consumers will prefer the classic types of barbecue sauces that are more along the lines of honey, chipotle or different regional flavor profiles. While this doesn't need to limit your creativity, keeping branding consistent and making the flavor types more obvious may be a good bet for this crowd. Make sure your brand design is quickly identifiable and that it's easy for shoppers to determine what flavor they're buying.

Use the Right Materials for Custom Sauce Labels

When it comes to ineffective custom sauce labels, all consumers can get frustrated. Make sure you're using labels that stand up to frequent use. To prevent shoppers from ditching your product based on packaging alone, make sure you use materials that are waterproof to avoid mess. Spills are inevitable if you're in any environment and sauce can dry into a sticky mess. Alleviate this issue with Lighting Labels' BOPP material, which prevents the damage from oil and water.

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