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How to Create Eye-Catching Custom Candle Labels

How to Create Eye-Catching Custom Candle Labels

Candle making is a dynamic industry for a small business to focus on. If your new or existing company is delving into manufacturing its own candle products, you'll have to give serious thought to your custom candle labels. These serve the dual purpose of being informative and acting as advertising for your products.

The most recent Grand View Research report on the candle industry stated that the sector was worth $3.45 billion in the U.S. alone in 2018. The sector is fueled by independent businesses alongside major players in the fashion and bath and body spaces. If you're ready to put your products alongside this tough competition, appealing custom candle labels are essential.

Candle Label Must-Haves: What Do I need to Include?

The candle industry in the U.S. is governed by the National Candle Association, which calls for fire-safety testing of candles, as well as specifying what to include on custom candle labels. As this group expands its influence in the candle space, it is promoting the use of fire safety warning labels. These labels include three rules buyers should follow when lighting and storing candles in their homes. First, they should burn the candles within their field of vision. Second, purchasers have to store their candles in places away from other combustibles. Third, they must keep the candles out of reach of children.

When designing the packaging and containers for your candles, you should ensure the stickers contain the glyphs for those three major rules, and also make sure you are using a tough material that will withstand heat and not catch fire. The NCA explained that in addition to the three main warnings, candles from reputable dealers should also contain safe use directions. These instructions are a way to reassure your customers you care about their safety. You should make sure your custom candle labels are are printed in high quality, so the the text is clear and easy to read.

Making Your Product Stand Out: Designing a Candle Label

When creating labels or stickers for your candles, you have to think about what visual identity the finished product should have. If the color of the candle wax is striking, it may pay to use a clear label, made with a tough polymer. As with any product, you have to consider what type of material and finish will best express your brand identity and suit your logo artwork. The choice between a gloss laminate and matte finish can affect the way customers think about your products. The added caveat when designing custom candle labels is that you are restricted to materials that can stand up to heat and flame, removing some paper options from contention.

Grand View Research noted that customers have increasingly begun to seek out candles made with environmentally friendly materials and few chemicals. These organic candles consist of natural wax, and they don't create carbon blackening. The researchers explained young buyers are the driving force behind these new priorities. If your goods meet these requirements, stating that fact on your custom candle labels could act as a compelling selling point.

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Custom Candle Labels

Working with an expert custom label partner is a good practice for high-quality custom candle labeling. Sharp printing is a must, to ensure warning labels are easy to read and directions are simple to follow. You must also select custom candle label materials that won't weaken when exposed to heat or even an open flame. Alongside these requirements, it also pays to work with a versatile partner-company that can print die-cut candle sticker sheets expertly sized to match your candle jars and create the visual effect you're looking for.

Lightning Labels is the ideal print partner for your candle business. We have spent years creating custom candle labels for candle maker companies of all sizes, combining safety with eye-catching design. Our all-digital printing process ensures your labels are available quickly, and in flexible order sizes. When it's time to launch or refresh a line of candle products, Lightning Labels is ready to assist you.

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