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How We Can Create Sweet Custom Honey Bottle Labels

How We Can Create Sweet Custom Honey Bottle Labels

Honey production is one of the most exciting ways to get started with owning your own food business — and definitely among the sweetest. Keeping bees and harvesting honey are activities that can be done either for fun, for profit or for a little bit of each. Scaling up from casual to committed honey production is where professionalism enters the picture.

When you're ready to take your beekeeping from hobby to fully active company status, it's time to think about how you will package your wares. Custom honey bottle labels are how you express your brand identity and also a way to list important nutritional and ingredient information.

Whether you're producing a small quantity of bottles every year or you're seeking to become a full-time beekeeper, you can get great results from customized printed honey bottle labels from a professional label partner.

Bottle or Jar?

One of the major decisions you have to face when starting to promote your honey brand is whether you'll use glass jars or plastic bottles as your container of choice. Opinions and local laws vary regarding the proper bottling of honey, as Bee Keep Club explained. The beekeeping group added that if you use plastic instead of glass, you have to ensure your chosen material is food grade, and furthermore that it is free from chemicals that can taint the flavor of your honey.

Well-Fed Homestead echoed that glass is the preferred bottling material, as it contains no chemicals that can seep into honey, can be heated safely and connotes quality. Whether you opt for glass or food-grade plastic, you will also have to decide on the shape, size and opacity of your packaging. While the first two details are matters of personal preference, the third is a clearer decision — a transparent bottle or jar shows off the appealing color of your honey.

What Should You Include on the Label?

As for the contents of your label, there are rules regarding what you can print. As with all foods, the relevant specifications are overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Within the FDA's recommendations are a few important clarifications, including the fact that you do not have to declare the floral source of your honey, but if you do so, the claim must be truthful. Furthermore, procurers are not allowed to call combinations of honey and a sweetener simply "honey." This rule helps you as a producer of pure honey, as it means customers will know that your product does not contain artificial additives.

Beyond the legally required disclosures, including ingredients, amounts and producer information, you should make sure your honey labels have appealing branding. The text, logos and imagery you use to promote your brand can help customers in stores determine whether to pick your offerings or a competitor's. Whether your key sales channels are supermarkets or farmer's markets, good branding on a honey jar can generate sales for you.

How Do You Pick an Ideal Custom Label Partner?

Since custom honey labels are such an important element of your marketing and sales strategy, you need a partner organization that can create high-quality labels on your schedule and at the correct scale. These labels could take a number of forms depending on the size and shape of bottle or jar you've picked. A sticker on a jar lid could be an ideal option, as it keeps the actual contents of the container visible. However, this shape only works if you use jars with flat lids big enough for stickers.

Lightning Labels offers a wide variety of materials, as well as an unlimited variety of die-cut label sizes and shapes. No matter the type of jar or bottle you've selected, there are labels to match. Add this to Lightning Labels' fast turnaround times and flexible order sizes — enabled by all-digital printing — and you've found the perfect partner to make your custom honey bottle labels.

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