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Illinois City May Revamp Car Sticker Initiative

Illinois City May Revamp Car Sticker Initiative

Illinois City Officials Question Car Sticker Program

Municipal decision-makers in Des Plaines, Ill., located roughly 20 miles southwest of Chicago, are debating the effectiveness of the city's car sticker program. These stickers must be purchased for all vehicles registered or stored in the city.

According to The Chicago Tribune, vehicle sticker sales decreased an average annual rate of 1.2 percent between 2008 and 2012, and the average revenue generated through the initiative dropped 5.1 percent.

"I question whether this program is a good idea at all," Ald. Jim Brookman said at a Des Plaines Finance and Administration Committee meeting, the newspaper reported.

Finance Director Dorothy Wisniewski stated the city sells roughly 44,000 vehicle stickers every year, and the revenue generated goes toward street maintenance.

Last month, Finance Committee Chairman Dick Sayad stated the city hasn't done enough in recent years to enforce penalties upon those without the right vehicle sticker, Journal & Topics Newspapers Online stated.

Stickers for Cars May Get Overhaul Stickers for cars cost $30 if purchased by June 30 for the following year. Late fees and fines can bring that price tag up to $305, the Tribune explained.

Wisniewski stated the program's current fee brackets are quite complicated and could be simplified to make the initiative more effective. Others have suggested ditching the vehicle sticker protocol and opting instead for more advanced solutions that would involve license plate scanners.

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