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Illinois City Retires Car Sticker Requirement

Illinois City Retires Car Sticker Requirement

Evanston Set to Do Away with Car Sticker Requirement

In a recent meeting, officials in Evanston, Ill., which is located roughly 15 miles north of Chicago, discussed plans to eliminate a city car sticker requirement. Currently, residents acquire new custom window stickers every year when they renew their vehicle registration and pay the "wheel tax," Evanston Now reported. This year's stickers featured the wording "Celebrating 150," as well as the city's founding year.

However, since the city purchased license plate recognition solutions in 2012 for parking enforcement, officials can scan plates to determine whether vehicle owners reside in Evanston and if they've paid the annual tax, Rickey Voss, parking manager, stated.

City Will Continue Providing Stickers to Those who Request Them
While the new cameras and software that let Evanston law enforcement scan plates will allow residents to forego purchasing city stickers for their cars, people will still need to acquire parking permit stickers. 

Additionally, residents have expressed concern that without a registration sticker, their vehicles will get ticketed when they park in Chicago. According to Evanston Now, Voss reassured meeting attendees traditional car stickers will still be available to residents who want them.

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