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Do You Know About Our Satin Cloth Labels?

Do You Know About Our Satin Cloth Labels?

When you're working on new or revised labels for products in bottles or jars, it can be tempting to just think about the designs in terms of imagery, text and other two-dimensional features. However, to truly enhance your items' appeal to customers, you can also change the way the labels feel in their hands by selecting high-quality label materials.

Satin cloth labels, ideal for use in the wine and spirits sector, are designed to provide a great tactile sensation that shows the classy and refined character of the products in question. If you select this option, it can help your offerings stand out from similar goods on store shelves, and potentially make those items more memorable to people choosing between several brands.

What are Satin Cloth Labels?

Woven satin acetate cloth labels - or simply satin labels - combine a durable liner with a surface that adds a new dimension to a product's appeal. The strong liner ensures the labels can be applied by machine, so if your company produces wine or spirits at large volumes, you can still employ this material. The tactile surface will help your bottles stand out next to competitors' offerings that employ smoother material options.

Using such a distinctive material for custom labels is a way to give your brand a comprehensive identity, one that extends to every area of packaging and promotion. If you are attempting to create a feeling of refined elegance for a particular variety of wine or spirits, for instance, a standard polymer label that feels slick or rubbery may break the immersion for potential customers. Creating labels that feel as good as they look shows your commitment to creating a high-quality experience.

Why is Lightning Labels an Ideal Partner?

Lightning Labels offers many materials that can suit your custom labeling needs. If satin cloth is not the right choice for your particular brand, you can opt for other tactile options such as Estate #9 paper labels or even gold and chrome BOPP labels, which can make your products shine in the light.

With years of experience, efficient digital printing methods and a reputation for responsive and helpful customer service, Lightning Labels can be the third party that elevates your brand's visual identity. The digital nature of the printing process allows clients to order any amount of labels without prohibitive upfront costs, with quick turnaround times. When it's time to change up the look of your products or launch a new item, Lightning Labels can complement its visual identity.

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