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Label Design Tips for Launching New Products in 2015

Label Design Tips for Launching New Products in 2015

Informative Product LabelsCustom Product Labels are Perfect for a New Year

A new look is perfect for a new year, and custom product labels are ideal for brands looking to turn the page on 2014 and open a new chapter. Whether brands want to launch new items or simply aim to refresh their image for 2015, packaging is often the best place to start as it helps companies make the optimal first impression.

New Product Labels for Any Occasion

There are numerous reasons brands may want to rethink their packaging and print up some new product labels. Here are a few common reasons companies take a look at their labels:

  • Product differentiation: If a product package does not jump off the store shelf and leave a mark on customers, brands may want to reconsider their labels. Standing out at retail is no easy task, but some of the most successful brands are those that manage to do so. Because people are visual by nature, a unique product package may be just what companies need to get customers to do a double take.
  • Reach a new audience: Product labeling is a great way to convey a brand's messages and ideals in a visual fashion. Even something simple, such as changing the colors on the label, may lead to increased interest among some prospective customers. The most obvious example of this is the color pink - by adding pick accents or changing the background of a label to pink, product manufacturers signal that a product may be intended for women, helping the company reach a new market.
  • Rebranding: Brands are not stagnant entities. Some of the most successful brands in the world are those that change with time and the advancements of their industry. At one point, Apple was a computer manufacturer, now its a consumer electronics and media giant that reaches well beyond computers. As such, it is important product packaging and labels change as well. This can help brands embody new personalities or simply liven an old package up.
  • Special events: With the new calendar year will come all sorts of special events and occasions, and new labels may be a necessity to help celebrate. For example, a chocolatier may want to roll out a special Valentine's Day label in February to capitalize on people buying treats for their significant others. Other popular holidays that may require special packaging include Fourth of July, Saint Patrick's Day, Halloween and Christmas.

Labels for New Products Do Not Need to be Expensive

As companies conceptualize their labels for new products, it is crucial to remember that redesigning their packaging does not have to be expensive. By working with a custom printing company, brands can roll out new labels periodically throughout the year at a relatively low cost, which is crucial for companies that want to do seasonal labels.

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