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Label Designations that People Look for on Chocolate Labels


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Label Designations that People Look for on Chocolate Labels

Custom Labels for Chocolate Products Should Feature a Few Specific Designations
Everyone loves chocolate, but many people are becoming increasingly aware of some of the abuses behind the production of this sweet commodity. For example, some farmers use highly toxic pesticides to protect their crops. In some countries, forced child labor may be used to farm the cocoa.

As such, custom labels with the appropriate designations can be used to help producers ease any concerns people may have when buying the end product.

Three Labels to Utilize
The first designation that should be featured on labels is the USDA Certified Organic label, which conveys that farmers are utilizing renewable resources and moderate the use soil and water to be more eco-friendly. As Care 2 noted, this label also assures consumers that the crops weren't exposed to synthetic fertilizers or troublesome pesticides either.

Fair Trade Certified labels inform customers that farmers are being compensated adequately for their crops and there aren't any abusive practices occurring behind the scenes.

Finally, the Rainforest Alliance label conveys that chocolate stems from crops grown with integrated pest management systems that don't harm the environment or the product being grown.

By utilizing these three designations on custom product labels for chocolate, manufacturers can convey to potential customers that no harmful practices went into making the end product.

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