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Look Beneath the Surface? Customized Cosmetic Labels May Display Inaccurate Information

Plastic Surgeon Reports Concern Regarding Customized Cosmetic Labels

According to Austin-based ABC affiliate KVUE, one Texas plastic surgeon is against many over-the-counter products with customized cosmetic labels that display inaccurate information. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a board-certified plastic surgeon, believes many consumers can protect their skin by carefully reading beauty product descriptions and ingredients, as many have confusing labels.

"Most of what we're talking about with skin care products [is that] over-the-counter is just misleading to the consumer," Walden told the news source.

Walden says products claiming to reduce deep wrinkles are deceptive because products cannot penetrate deep layers of the skin. Consumers should also be wary of goods labeled 100 percent natural, as many may have been processed in some form.

Labels for Bath and Body Care Come Under Scrutiny According to the news source, when labels for bath and body care do not display the product's ingredients, consumers can have allergic reactions. Many skin care experts suggest customers read the back label instead of the front, as products can have buzzwords on the front, which do not accurately depict what is inside.

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