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Make Your Own Soap Labels | Soap Labels | How to Make Soap Labels

Make Your Own Soap Labels | Soap Labels | How to Make Soap Labels

Quick and Easy Steps to Make Your Own Soap Labels

Soap is a product everyone needs, whether it's purchased or gifted. Homemade soap has grown in popularity in recent years with an ever increasing market share over conventional soaps. And if you are a DIY soap maker, it's simple and fun to make your own homemade soap labels!

1. Choose an appropriate shape and size for the label, depending on the dimensions and packaging of your product. 2. Choose colors that pertain to your soap. You can tie the colors back into the shades or soap or create an overall color scheme for your products. Colors can also be coordinated with seasons or holidays. 3. Write compelling soap label copy. Write out what needs to be said on your label, including what the product is, anything special about it, and anything extra you wish to add.

Custom Soap Labels That Get Noticed

Once you've decided on the basics for your label, you can begin to make it personalized and specific to you and your brand. Of course, every label needs to say what a product is, but have some fun with the writing - perhaps even a promotional message on how the scents of your soap smell like fresh rain or spring in blossom. Find exciting ways to describe a product. Add a short anecdote or a funny catchphrase. This will draw people in more and make your products more relatable.

Images are a powerful way to make people notice a label. Whether you choose a brand image or make decisions based on product features, an image can break up blocks of text and add some flair.

How to Make Soap Labels Pop

Not only should labels be useful, but they should be attention-grabbing as well. A great way to achieve this is through color. Vibrant colors catch the eye much more than muted colors. Different colors make people think or feel different things so you can play off of that as well. For example, blue is supposed to be soothing and orange is supposed to be energetic.

In addition to bold color choices, pick a unique, yet readable font for the writing. Moving away from standard-looking type will give your labels for soap a creative edge.

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