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Medical Marijuana Label Trends

Medical Marijuana Label Trends

The exciting new market of legal cannabis has opened up possibilities for companies in multiple states, with others soon to come. As a previously illegal enterprise, selling cannabis products for medical or recreational use has a uniquely strict and evolving regulatory picture. If your company can comply with the rules and reach an audience with its products, however, opportunity abounds.

The Evolving Medical Space

While legal recreational use is a cutting-edge frontier for cannabis, medical dispensaries have a longer history, going back more than a decade. Throughout that time, Lightning Labels has been there, providing medical marijuana labels that keep companies compliant with the rules and help them clearly identify their products.

Packaging World recently reflected on the future prospects of cannabis labels, explaining that the field may become more complex as dispensaries experiment with new packaging shapes and sizes. The traditional options include airtight packages of dried buds, canisters of oil to be vaporized, or more standard package shapes for pills or edible goods. With hemp extracts, dissolving strips and other delivery methods in development, custom cannabis labels could evolve quickly.

The Right Features

When it comes to label technology, marijuana labels have to be on the cutting edge. The relative importance of various features will inevitably shift depending on a state's priorities, but the central concept remains the same: Dispensaries will need to make their products easy to identify and track. From consecutive serial numbers to barcodes and beyond, labels made by Lightning Labels can stay in line with regulators' needs.

Driven by a long engagement with companies in the emerging legal marijuana space, Lightning Labels has become responsive to these businesses' needs. Laws are still evolving and a package that's compliant today could be outdated in a year. Therefore, it's a good idea to work with a knowledgeable and agile custom label provider to get your medical marijuana business off the ground.

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