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Vape Label Trends

Vape Label Trends

The process of designing vape product labels is defined by two separate and vital factors: appearance and regulations. Getting your e-cigarette and e-juice items noticed on store shelves means creating visually impactful look that will stand out from competitors. While pursuing a new look, however, you can't forget the ever-changing web of laws dictating what elements are allowed on vape labels.

A Distinct Look, Governed by Rules

Over a decade into vaping's mainstream moment, companies have to combine bold colors and imagery with a consistent and recognizable look that spans multiple products and flavors. If your brand's custom e-juice labels fail to make a positive impression, you may have trouble attracting new customers. Unless there are shared elements between varieties, it may be hard to establish brand loyalty once you've won shoppers over for the first time.

While putting in the time to create memorable and positive looks for your products, there's a need to keep an eye on the evolving legal picture. As a National Law Review piece contributed by law firm Keller and Heckman LLP indicated, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has updated its national e-juice labeling guidelines as recently as September.

Under the current rules, companies have to submit example labels to the FDA. Fortunately, the agency allows companies to send a generic label with placeholder text that will be replaced by flavor names, rather than a new sample for every variety of e-liquid. The most recent set of rulings targets consumer-bound products, and is now in effect.

A Trusted Partner

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