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Meet Mandates and Inform Customers with Custom CBD Labels


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Meet Mandates and Inform Customers with Custom CBD Labels

Every product label must meet several goals simultaneously, such as being informative, promotional and compliant with regulations. Living up to all these standards is especially important and challenging in fields such as cannabidiol extract production due to the complex legal situation around these goods.

For years, CBD regulations have been vague, with the Food and Drug Administration hesitating to release an overarching set of clear guidelines. CBD goods are in a sort of limbo between medicine and dietary extract status, and you have to keep a close eye on the latest guidance to make sure your particular labeling approach is in line with the law.

With the right level of care, however, it is possible to create custom warning labels that will satisfy regulators and give your customers the information they need to intelligently select CBD items.

Label Features to Meet FDA Rules

The vague legal picture around CBD comes from the fact that the FDA's labeling rules for the substance are a work in progress. The agency has announced its intention to provide more clarity and has made moves toward helping growers and sellers, such as decriminalizing hemp production in the 2018 Farm Bill. States have their own statutes determining what kinds of CBD and hemp items can be sold regionally. Following those rules and avoiding interstate commerce will help your business stay compliant.

As far as pleasing the FDA, the agency's guidance on CBD notes that you should be careful about how you describe your products. Items with health claims similar to those on medicine packages are the most likely to be shut down by the FDA. There is only one drug including CBD that has been certified by the FDA: the anti-stroke medication Epidilex. The FDA also noted that CBD products are not officially dietary supplements, and can't be sold as such.

Label Features to Inform Customers

Your labels don't just have to pass regulatory muster - they also have to advise buyers of what they're getting. Your custom CBD labels should therefore contain specialized language that states exactly what the product contains and its intended uses. Healthline specified that companies should have third parties test their CBD products. You can use QR codes to link to the test results and demonstrate to customers that your product's CBD content percentage is accurate and verified by an impartial lab. Though the possible side effects of CBD are typically mild, you can also list them in the name of transparency and building trust.

Reach out to Lightning Labels to learn more about CBD labeling best practices - and to get the right labels for your new products.

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