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Natural Cosmetics Act Will Clarify Beauty Product Labeling Requirements

Natural Cosmetics Act will Clarify Beauty Product Labeling Requirements

Creating compelling custom labels for your brand's beauty products is a constant challenge. Packaging designs have to quickly convince new customers to choose your items over the many alternatives on the market, while also complying with rules and regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

A new piece of legislation is set to clarify cosmetics labeling by creating more rigorous rules around using the term "natural" and related words. If your company presents its cosmetics as natural, this law could have consequences for your marketing strategy.

What is the Natural Cosmetics Act?

The Natural Cosmetics Act is an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act that will ensure there are standards associated with the word "natural" as used on cosmetics packaging. The legislation was introduced in November 2019 by Rep. Sean Maloney of New York. If the bill passes into law, products described as natural will need to contain 70% or more natural substances, not take their fragrances from synthetic substances and not contain non-natural ingredients unless there is no feasible substitute.

The word "natural" will also be more stringently regulated as it relates to individual ingredients. The bill contains a list of prohibited substances and processes that won't be allowed in natural cosmetics. Treating items with ethylene oxide and mercury will disqualify an item from natural status, as will ionizing radiation, alkoxylation, detrepenation with anything other than steam or halogenation as the main reaction.

According to Cosmetics Design, companies in the industry have been supportive of the act thus far. Endorsing the bill is seen as a way to make cosmetics shopping easier for consumers. With regulations in place about what the word "natural" means, people will be able to pick products with confidence, knowing what they're getting when they pick up a new brand.

What are Cosmetic Labeling Best Practices?

When it's time to release new labels for your cosmetics company - whether because of changing regulations or simply because you want to redesign the items' looks - you need a reliable third-party printing partner. Lightning Labels uses all-digital processes to deliver custom cosmetics labels in flexible quantities and on short timelines. You have your choice of tough and appealing materials and finishes when working with Lightning Labels, enabling you to make labels strong enough to hold up in the damp environment of a customer's bathroom cabinet.

Packaging design is a primary way to get your message across to customers. Designing compliant and attractive beauty product labels is therefore an essential part of developing your company's identity.

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