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New Food Labels Legislation To Promote Nutritional Values, Require GMO Labeling

FDA Change Could Require Food Labels On Unpackaged Products 

Stores that offer prepared, unpackaged foods for consumers may be required to include nutritional food labels on products or face jail time. The new labeling requirements are part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and aim at providing consumers proper nutritional values of the foods they eat. However, the new labeling rules would only apply to stores with 20 or more locations. If these companies do not properly label their prepared foods or fail to label them at all, store owners could face federal scrutiny.

Push to Label Genetically Engineered Food In other news on food labels, the Connecticut General Assembly currently has two bills under consideration that would require genetically engineered foods to be labeled. The assembly hopes to pass the bills to help consumers make educational and nutritional decisions regarding the food they purchase and eat.

The proposed bills have seen hesitant responses from the Connecticut Food Association (CFA). The CFA reports that the labeling of bioengineered food would only increase costs for state consumers and believes the labeling of such products would have no impact on consumer consumption of bioengineered food.

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