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Now Is A Great Time to Print Vitamin Bottle Labels!

Now Is A Great Time to Print Vitamin Bottle Labels!

People are interested in adding natural supplements and essential elements to their health and wellness regimens, with consumers as a whole becoming more aware of their dietary requirements. How to do they know which products are right for them?

That's the job of the custom vitamin bottle labels your company prints, which puts a lot of pressure on these simple pieces of packaging. Fortunately, when you work with the right partner organization to get your custom labels, you can put together a strategy that's both compliant and compelling.

Why Focus on Your Custom Vitamin Label Bottles?

If your nutraceutical company uses low-quality labels on its bottles, it may undermine confidence in the products. Today, there are numerous providers of vitamins of all descriptions - how will you stand out from the group?

Labeling is the answer to your branding needs. If you've been operating for a long time, a refresh of your visual identity may help you keep pace with competitors that have entered the field more recently. On the other hand, a new  vitamin maker should begin its run on a positive note, delivering unmistakable and clear labels.

Since products must meet government regulations around ingredient lists and health claims, designing labels is important for more than just boosting appeal. Your brand has to ensure it won't incur fines or other penalties by including text that doesn't meet standards. Printing every word of an ingredient or direction list can be difficult, with a limited amount of space on each vitamin bottle. By working with a high-quality labeling partner, you can use small print that is legible despite its size, freeing up room for brand imagery.

When you need even more space than a standard label can provide, no matter what size the text is, you can opt for an extended content label which peels back. This is a great way to include every required ingredient disclosure while keeping the outer surface of the bottle unbroken by walls of text.

What Should You Look for in a Vitamin Labeling Partner?

When making labels for vitamin bottles, you should find a partner such as Lightning Labels. By teaming up with Lightning labels, you gain access to a wide variety of label materials and finishes, as well as flexible order sizes and quick turnaround times. It's always a good time to examine your labeling strategy and determine the best possible changes to your approach. As long as there is demand for vitamins and supplements, you'll find a receptive audience for your offerings.

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