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Opioid Label Changes Coming in

Opioid Label Changes Coming in

New Custom Labels Hope to Promote Usage Awareness According to a recent report from Canada's Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, Health Canada recently passed some new regulations regarding the labeling of opioids. The label changes are designed to promote proper use of certain drugs and make the risks of misusing opioids more apparent to people taking them.

Fatal overdoses from opioids such as oxycodone and morphine have gone up over the past 20 years due to the addictive nature of highly potent painkillers. When used properly, opioids can help people suffering from chronic pain find some relief. However, overdoses can lead to some serious health risks, including death in some severe cases.

As the news source noted, better labeling with clear instructions can play a pivotal role in raising awareness of these dangers and may curb abuse and addiction problems.

Promoting Transparency on All Custom Labels Although painkillers are a special case due to how addictive they can be, product manufacturers in general should always keep the safety of their customers in mind. By raising awareness of proper use and possible dangers on product labels, brands can ensure people do not accidentally abuse their goods.

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